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Creating Clones

A fun little tracking/compositing project by David McSween, includes a breakdown.


  • dusty

    Very cool! Well done!

  • 3pointedit

    Thanks for that it was fun. Did you count the clones? There are four, left - right - center and camera!

    I think that I should have used the tracked image as the background fill around the edges to save resolution loss during blow up (adding motion created black edges)..

  • 3dslider

    I thought it was twins ... oops wrong, good trick video

  • Sender

    I do like the work . First thing comes to my mind is the movie ,Moon . Break down was little complicated to grab it all, for me :) I would love to see long nice tutorial .

  • amcam

    Download node setup please ?

    • 3pointedit

      :( sorry corrupt .blend file.

  • Tamás Márton


  • 3pointedit

    Thanks everyone for your kind words. I think that next time I will need a mobile blue screen, dragged by an assistant (my kids don't do enough around home anyway). That way I can get some cross overs and better interaction.

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