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Tears of Steel Release: Today!

Tears of Steel, the fourth Blender Institute Open Movie (and fifth Open Project - they also made a game, Yo Frankie!), will be released tonight! Read on for the estimated release time in your area.

Ton Roosendaal writes:

Tears of Steel online launch will be 26 Sept around 19h Ams. - 17h UTC - 14h Rio - 13h NY - 10h LA - 03h Sydney - 22.30h Mumbai

Remember you can STILL support the project by purchasing the DVD box!


  • rogper

    I've already set the timer :)

  • dusty

    Can't wait!

  • samiboy

    Can't wait to see that DVD!

  • maniak3D

    what an awesome Days ! I love you Blender !

  • F i L

    Awesome! Can't wait :D

  • Marcelo Pardinho

    Very good news! Blender rocks! More better will be when the making of be released.

  • Karlis Stigis

    Can't wait!

  • stephen

    Exciting stuff!

  • wat

    out of all these times, they forgot to put a GMT?

  • artisanicview

    This video is private! :)
    How cool is this. How I can watch the movie?

  • pixelnate

    SO, So, so much better than Sintel! Way to go, guys. Really top notch work! Amazing.

  • Rajiv Mudgal

    It may not have a story, but the amount of work done and the level of work done in such a short time is awesome.
    Blender is ready for a Feature. Who could have imagined it 3 years back.

  • Nikhil

    VeRy GooD VFX

  • rickisen

    Definatly will buy. But does any body know how much it costs? Or will there be a set your own price?

    • rickisen

      Oops, Saw the buy button on the link now... Feel stupid.

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