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Bone Layer Manager Add-on


Manage your bones (or rather, those in Blender) with this new add-on by Alfonso Annarumma.

Alfonso writes:

I've released a new Addon: Bone Layer Manager.

What the script does:

  • set name of layer
  • select bone on layer
  • lock bone on layer
  • move bone to layer
  • automatic creation of bone group of the bone in the layer with random color assignment
  • select the protected layer for the link exportation.


  • harryabreu

    Thank you very much, I'll try it and give a feedback :-)

  • Xero

    This is awesome .A much welcome and needed feature. Thanks Alfonso!
    The scene layers also needed a manager like this forever, not sure why the blender devs never added one.

  • harryabreu

    Hi I try to enable it but I couldn't I try in blender 2.63a and RC2 2.64 sorry.

    • Alfonso Annarumma

      You can report the error in console?

  • polygonesrus

    this and-on messes alot of stuff up. couldnt activate it, threw alot of errors,and i mean alot.all headers amd properties windows went haywire all mixed up,just names nothing elseand all the wrong contexts. world in mat's physics in in textures wow never seen anything like it. as soon as i took it out smooth sailing.ive been a blender user for quite a while and i know how it that program cant believe i just said that.anyway,Happy Blending.gotta get back to my next project "Valhalla".

    • Alfonso Annarumma

      sorry for the problem, I've revolved it.
      I'm not a developer, but with the community support and feedback, I've done this script and previus Layer manager (now in the trunk for testing :D).

  • harryabreu

    Hi Polygonesrus like you I use Blender and love it but I know a little about to programming and programming isn't to simple or ease.
    Please when you put some comment about some one please be more polite because your comment is a little bit hard and all job need respect.
    Alfonso like other in our community did it for free.
    Alfonso my apologyse I will report it properly with console report.
    Thank you very much I know this script is a very good tool.

    • Alfonso Annarumma

      I've reuload the file with the correction.
      The problem was the file name. You can solve it by your self just removing the dot in the "0.5" name.

  • harryabreu

    Your right now it works :-) give me some time to tell the real feedback.
    Thank you very much.

  • polygonesrus

    hello all just trying to let'em know there's a problem.not trying to offend anyone.HAPPY BLENDING. ; )

  • polygonesrus

    oh and btw i use alphonse's other layer manager all the time,that's why i got this one.and it's a great addition to the toolset.