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  • WeezY87

    Hell YEAH…:)

  • wat

    no change log?

    • Bart

      I added the link to the changelog. It doesn't mention the changes between RC1 and RC2 though.

  • PyroEvil

    Nice !
    New cycles shader nodes for more possibility. I want to try what I can do with "ray lenght" node for my beach wave simulation!

  • NRK

    Congrats to the team, quite an accomplishment...... they always keep me coming back for more.

  • FloridaJo

    Wow, Cycles has really gotten clean. Did this 4.5 hr animation test and don't see any sparkles or noise:

    • WeezY87

      How many samples - 1000...?

      • FloridaJo


  • fmoritz

    With most other software, it's like, ok that's cool, new update....

    But with blender, I get ecstatic!

    And this is coming from someone who's used Maya for almost 10 years up until 2 years ago.

  • 3dslider

    very good software with lots of opportunity, keep up !

  • Blender Attitude

    Hi Bart,

    We relayed the information in France:

    Thank you for your website !

    French Magazine about 3D and Blender

    FR version:

    Bonjour Bart,

    nous avons relayé l'information en France:

    Merci pour votre site !

    BlenderAttitude, Le Magazine de la Création 3D avec Blender

  • Reaction

    WOW! I am seeing a blistering performance improvement over 2.63, provided 2.64's default tiles settings are reduced. Cycles rendering times for my scene on a Quadro 4000:

    2:63: 139 seconds
    2:64: 16x16 tiles default: 159 seconds (eh? this is slower than 2.63! But...)
    2:64: 4x4 tiles: 67 seconds
    2:64: 1x1 tiles: 53 seconds

    So moving from 2.63 > 2.64 (using a single tile) has reduced my Cycles render time from 139 seconds to just 53 seconds! This will have a wonderful effect on my next 500 frame animation :-)

  • etufoz

    The modelling additions are great! However my custom hotkeys don't work. Even the default hotkeys such as CTRL+E and CTRL+F. I've got way too many hotkeys to setup again. Any ideas on how to fix this?

    Regards to all

    • latorril

      I have the same problem. I created a custom key configuration in 2.63 and not I cannot import it into the latest versions (2.64 or 2.65).

      When I try importing the .py to use my custom hotkeys, nothing happens. Also, other standard hotkeys like "w" and "e" don't work either.

      I really like my set up. Has this bug been reported yet?