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Nokia C6-00

A nice, clean Nokia C6-00 commercial with built-in time-lapse of its own creation ;-)

Matúš writes:

After one week of work I create this model of my cellphone. Modelling and material creating time was 4-4,5 hours and rest of the week was mainly the rendering of the sequences. Modelling, animating, rendering is full blender, only some postproduction cut and screen replacement in after effects usin blender to after effects export add-on.

Main inspiration was the official animation for another type of NOKIA cell phone.

Hope you like it :)


  • zombyyyy

    I almost managed to think that those pocket devises can actually run blender.

  • Wootie11

    Hey, nice job! I really liked the entire thing.... One thing I noticed was the "5 mega pixel" image you put next to the camera was a little too low resolution, I would have expected a sharper text font. Other than that I think it was awesome! Nice music selection, The Glitch Mob is quite awesome. Thanks for sharing!

  • JimmyVolatile

    Yup. I like it! Good, exciting sequences. It's kind of hard to visualize something as dull as a phone in an exiting manner. But you pulled it off :)

  • Karlis Stigis

    Sorry, but this actually isn't good at all..
    I saw few mesh problems at the back speaker.. or what is it..
    Lighting and the material could be better, maybe more shiny or maybe with a little bit with texture.. in closeups that would give a lot of realism.
    Camera movements ar chaotic and rough.
    And choice of font in the end just destroys everything.
    It's kind of old, papyrus like..
    if you are making and for technology then choose a suitable font too.

    • JeroenM

      I watched a couple of official Nokia videos for reference and his
      camera movements and edit may not be perfect but they're pretty close to the "real thing". Even the choice of musici is in style.
      Agreed with the choice of font. It's horrible. Nokia themselves use a very clean sans.

  • masterxeon1001

    Wow. A new idea every minute. I love this video. I am totally gonna try that.

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