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Maratis Update

Maratis, an open source game development tool with Blender exporting scripts, has received a major update.

From the product description:

Maratis is a portable, simple and visual game development tool designed for artists and developers.

The Engine has been tested on Windows, Mac, Linux and iOS and can be used virtually on any platform.

Maratis is Free and Open-source.

Use a simple Lua scripting langage or have access to the full Engine in C++.

Anaël writes:


a new version of Maratis (, a free and open-source 3d game development tool for windows, mac, linux and iOS is now available in beta with a lot of new features :

Exporter :

  • Updated Blender 2.6 exporter

Editor :

  • File packing system and publishing
  • Object list selection and custom shortcut
  • Focus selection (‘F’ key), parent field (transform tab)
  • Faster loading when published (xml working files convert to bin files)
  • General Bug correction and improvement


  • Behavior drawing in-game / in-editor and M_VARIABLE_TEXTURE_REF variable
  • Physics rayHit and multiple collision test
  • Camera scene layer system and render to texture system

Script :

  • rayHit
  • quit, to quit the game from script
  • getScene
  • getObject modified to access other scenes
  • getClone to clone objects from script
  • enableCameraLayer and disableCameraLayer
  • enableRenderToTexture and disableRenderToTexture



  • taddmencer

    I've been watching Maratis, really hoping itu gets worked on more. Glad to see an update rollin' through.

    • Brian Lockett

      Me, too. I like playing around with Maratis. I'm glad it's still developing.

      • taddmencer

        I haven't played much with it yet. UDK and Unity3D always seemed to be the winners for me - and the BGE. BUT if Maratis works I may dev some of the games my boys and I are planning ...

  • drew42

    I've been looking for a full-platform game engine; over the years, I guess. Great to know that this is in "production" still. I've gotten stuck to Stencyl the past few months, only to realize that you've gotta be a programmer to make something worth the market...I mean, time.
    This was on my list too; I'll have to revisit.

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