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Full Body Inverse Kinematics

Squashwell and Norbo are working on a prototype for 'full body inverse kinematics'.

Norbo writes:

Hey everyone! I'm Norbo from BEPUphysics. We're working on a game, but my fellow developer Squashwell wished for some new animation tools. Instead of throwing thousands of dollars and many hours at another program, we decided to create full body inverse kinematics for Blender.

Here's the core system prototype I created working in the BEPUphysics demos.

It supports a variety of linear and angular joint types and multiple joint limits, joint pinning, and single-bone controls (pick and drag a point on a bone or pull the whole thing without rotating it).

Technically, this solver is closer to a dynamics simulation than a pure inverse kinematics solver. I borrowed the core logic from the BEPUphysics constraint solver and added some dependency analysis to make things a bit more automatically stable.

All the code behind the above video is already open source on codeplex, but it's all Apache 2.0-licensed C#.

The next step is to start the actual integration with Blender. To start with, it will likely be a C++ port of BEPUik glued to Blender with a Python addon.



  • Sergusster

    Oh, god. I need it sooo much! Guys, you rock.

  • xDevilx

    Rubbing!! lolz

  • Fabian Schempp

    I like it! Looks like a lot of Fun!

  • Sakthi Vivek

    Good Work.... this would be a nice addition

  • Misiulo

    I can't wait to test it!!!

  • winnertakesteve

    Best ending to a tech demo. Ever. (Oh and awesome tech too!)

  • Philip Witte

    This looks awesome! End of the video was unexpectedly hilarious. Great job :)

  • Kirill Poltavets

    LOL )) Cool work!


    i like it, but i wonder what happens if the body has a spine?

    • Squashwell

      The spine would function just as you would expect. It would use multiple bones connected by a variety of constraints.

      The fat cylinder-people are hand-coded test puppets; characters with much more detail are possible.

  • fmoritz

    This looks like fun!

    Keep up the AWESOME work!

  • Chris Torresdey

    that is awesome! how long did it take to make?

    • Squashwell

      It took Norbo about three weeks to get the systems working for the stuff shown in the video.

  • Brian Lockett

    Nice! Looking forward to its integration into Blender!

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