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[BlenderNation] Reverted to WordPress Comments

After seeing more and more trolling on the site, I have decided to switch back from Disqus to the regular WordPress commenting system. In addition, you'll now have to log in if you want to leave a comment. I'm sorry to make things more complicated, but that's how trolls roll - they screw it up for everybody else.

Update: I'd like to re-design the comment layout and make it more compact. If you can help, please contact me. Thanks!


  • bc

    Netwide Problem with trolls i think.....

    • filipc

      If even I am considered to be a troll, yes, then they are everywhere.

  • Sparkwood and 21

    No problem. I've registered and look forward to uninterrupted good conversation.

    • Bart

      Awesome :) Thanks!

  • JulianH

    WordPress-Comments are definitely better than Disquis. And the old logins are even still working.

    So - a big thank you for that. :)

  • alienkid10

    what of the old comments from Disqus? I personally rather like Disqus, but not my decision.

    • Bart

      All the old comments should still be there - Disqus for WordPress keeps the WordPress and Disqus databases synchronised.

  • kivig

    Nice! Disqus didn't work for me.

  • FloridaJo

    Testing, 1, 2, 3, testing 1, 2, 3. Over.

    • Bart

      We hear you loud and clear!

  • dusty

    YAY!!!! No more putting in my details EVERY time I want to make a comment!!

    That aside, thank you for taking the time to look into this Bart.

    Man I hate those pesky trolls.... !!!! Grrrrr

    • Bart


    • sleepwalker

      I like the anonymity that comes with WordPress. Using Disqus made me feel self conscious about revealing personal it makes it harder for the NSA to track my every movement.

      • Blendiac

        Yeah, Disqus feels like it's only one step away from becoming as bad as places like Facebook in terms of tracking what you say, to whom, where and when. <3 <3 <3 having WordPress comments back!

  • Ben Lind

    I think the disqus system was a bit cryptic at first. The downvote/upvote buttons were a bit hidden as well.

    I don't mind this change really. Good call!

    • Bart

      Thanks Ben!

  • Zecc

    The only reason I prefered Disqus used less space between comments, and it was easier to skim through them.
    Well, that and that I could be warned about replies without having to return to the same pages.
    Maybe we should tell Disqus to implement a system for downvoting / banning users.

    But WordPress comments have worked fine before, so they shouldn't be a problem now.

  • Zecc

    Okay, another reason I liked Disqus is that it allowed me to edit comments, because sometimes I need to correct tpyos or add forgotten

    • gaggedfanboy

      *typos not tpyos

    • Bart

      I've added the option to edit your comment for 15 minutes after posting it. Please let me know if it works correctly.

      Edit: No it does not work properly, everybody can, edit everybody else's post. I've sent you an email about it, just want to make sur you see it!

  • Holmen

    Okey, testing the system. too bad about the trolls.


    how do i change the pic hahahah?

    • Bart

      The profiles are Gravatars. Go to, register your email address there and upload a profile pic.

  • BernAr

    Thanks for keeping this site GREAT, Bart :-)

  • Brian Lockett

    Not a problem at all, Bart. In fact, I honestly prefer it.

  • Blender Magician

    I like it this way better, never really could get Disqus to work properly.

  • fmoritz

    I assume this is in relation to people posting comments under multiple names...

    The lows some people go to for attention.

    • Bart


  • Blendiac

    Break out the fine china, people. Blendiac's back in town! \o/

    • Bart


  • berniek

    Hah, no problem. This one is ok too.


    A big Thank You... or maybe I should thank the trolls... because I hated Disqus !
    I always had difficulties to post. Coming back to this system is a good thing for me !
    Thanks Bart !o)

  • Sen

    I already had an account long ago anyway. I also prefer it that way with Blendernation!

  • Clemens

    Thanks Bart. I often felt ashamed of what people were posting here and was hoping, that the devs and other contributors around blender don't read this.

  • knowles2

    Personally I prefer disqus, as I could keep track of all my comments and respond to them from one website.

    An given all my typos and spelling mistakes it a life saver to have the ability to go back and edit comments when ever I feel like.

    It a backwards step for the site.

    • Bart

      You're able to edit your comments now for up to 15 minutes after posting them.

  • JeroenM

    In it self a necessary evil to keep the trolls away I guess, but why can't i log in with my own wordpress account and do i need a special registration with wordpress for this blog?

    • Sanne

      JeroenM, I think your wordpress account is only valid for A wordpress installation on another domain like has its own user database.

      • Bart

        Yep, you're right! BlenderNation is self-hosted.

        • JeroenM

          Ah, Ok.

  • Sanne

    Wonderful, I can comment again. I couldn't make Disqus work for me. Thank you, Bart!

  • zombyyyy

    I probably have to register and create new email accounts quite often. Because i usual forgot my password and account name when somebody clear browser history, and autocomplete stop working :) .

    • Bart

      You can retrieve your password by entering your email address. Using different usernames is not something I'll tolerate anymore.

  • xy.exe

    Awesome! Now I can actually comment on mobile. WordPress works great on Opera Mini :)

  • Chrome Monkey

    Is the unintended ability to edit other people's comments going to be a liability that can't be programmed around... ie is the only way to deal with it to lock comment edits down to the 15 minute window? What does WordPress say about it?

    (It is almost as if everyone is granted admin-level editing privileges, but I don't know enough about how WordPress works. I code directly without using middleware, and have never coded anything as ambitious as bloggerware.)

    • Bart

      Wait, can you edit someone else's comment? Could you try editing this one?

      Why, yes indeedy it can be done.
      I only recall this because someone pointed it out last year.

      • Chrome Monkey

        Done. (Hmm, also looks like there is no 15 minute time limit either.)

        If it shows up on more than just my screen you should see the following text added to that comment:

        Why, yes indeedy it can be done.
        I only recall this because someone pointed it out last year.

      • Chrome Monkey

        I'd check to see if it's a permissions issue.

      • JeroenM

        It looks like it. And what is worse: the comment editor shows the e-mail the commenter used to register if when you press the click to edit button. Which means I only have to click it at all the comments to learn everybody's e-mail adres (or at least the one used to register with) Can't be desired from a privacy point of view.

        • Bart

          Wow that's pretty shitty. I've disabled that plugin for now until I know what's going on. So get your spelling right the first time ;-)

  • Salvador

    Hey, If I´m considered as a troll, well, being my nickname sewtrol is understandable, but I post because is terrible to see articles boasting mediocre works, which since the last time I haven´t seen any. The last time I commented was in the so called 10 awesome tutorials which was a misleading title; the tutorials weren´t awesome, they were only verry common and seen tutorial; and on top of that, they were poorly recorded and editedI mean, that guy explained little and padded a lot, I mean kept forgetting the point of the tutorial and took several minutes to prepare stuff that should be predone before he started the tutorial; without mentioning that the guy has a thick accent, finland accent, I couldn´t figure out, but everyone else seemed to get. In the end I pointed this guy some tips to improve his videos´quality and actually I´m subcribed to his videos.

    What I´m saying that banning users is a very critical point to consider, because, I was rough with this guy indirectly, because I was being rough really with the fact that there are a lot of great guys uploading tutorials with better quality, which I have never seen around this site, and I don´t want blender to be seen as a poor bad app, just because that´s what is presented in blendernation which most newcomers tend to see to give themselves an idea of the capalities of the application. And by having bad articles in the blender´s front page, is like shooting ourselves in the foot. I suggest that every article should be revised before it is posted in blendernation so the article doesn´t portray poorly done work of any kind. Blender and the foundation deserve better. Especially when those articles are made to promote the article´s writer sites.

    And don´t make make me remind you the time that brecht van lommel asked us for advice to what to leave and what to takeo out from blender. IFor startedrs, was very cryptic for me to reply in the official page so me, and lots of others, commented here there opnions, surely becasue it was ten times easier to come here and post. Lots of them keep bashing brecht and, to be sincere, I turned down almost everything he told us he and the team wanted to take out. After that was out of the blender team, like 2 weeks after, I don´t know under which condtions so I don´t imply anything. And later, when he came back, the article said that every unfounded comment would be erased. And then I told you that he he was about to take out very important pinnacular tools that made blender great, but at least he asked us before and that the comments made against him were actually founde because everyone thought the choice of taking out those tools was made, and I kept fighting to make them understand that he was asking us. So, what I got from the erasing unfounded comments thing was kind of represing of the freedom of speech in a way. But if peoplle keep trolling with no rhyme or reason that can be a reason to turn off that user´s account. But really must be taken in consideration, if that guy is bashing something with a good reason or if he is just trolling people to get people mad at them.

    See ya! and happy great quality blending
    -Salvador, the sewtrol

  • Alltaken

    Yay, now i can comment again. Never liked using Disqus or OpenID etc... Much prefer it this way. Cheers!

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