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  • Terry Wallwork

    Rc2 planned for this tuesday Bart

    • Bart Veldhuizen

      Thanks Terry!

  • Josemaria RRA

    haha. we forgive you :p

  • RNS

    Too late,there some issues like openGl render and render penal Curve setting was removed they should have kept it and have it sync with video editing modifier curve.Instead of opening to many windows.Sorry but i had to vent it out.

  • Philip Witte

    The new masking controls look very cool. It would be awesome, if at some future date, a developer extended masking bezier abilities to support more common Bezier tools with Graphics Designers in mind (as a alternative to Inkscape/Illustrator).. I’ve often thought, while designing something in a vector program, that it would be very nice to have full 3D, Animation, and Compositing available in one consistent environment .

  • Brian Lockett

    Amazing release, guys! The official 2.64 release is shaping up great! Thanks so much for your development work. Truly.