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Interview with Ton Roosendaal in National Dutch Newspaper

The Dutch Newspaper 'Het Parool' features a two-page interview with Ton Roosendaal about Tears of Steel. Dutch Blenderheads in the Amsterdam region may be able to grab a copy today or tomorrow! You can also access the full article by zooming in on the scan that's available on the Tears of Steel blog - it's well worth the read.


  • Francesco Paglia

    if someone can translate it in english would be very cool! :)

    • Sven Brettschneider

      haha that would be an awfull lot of work... perhaps I'll do it xD (don't know for sure)

    • lucky

      i totally support this request! would be very cool indeed!

    • Peter Smith

      @Sven Please do it!

  • Olaf

    Notably Ton Roosendaal reveals that the next Blender movie will be a FULL LENGTH FEATURE FILM. Wow! That will be cool. He also mentions that about a hundred animators around the world will be working on the film. The movie will be animated, not a hybrid CG-live action movie like Tears of Steel. Too bad, I had hoped they'd make a sci-fi flick like Star Wars, only with better dialogue ;)

    • Kirill Poltavets

      Everything is fine! And the interview in ‘Het Parool’ is great! Blender is moving forward so the films to show/develop it's strength will become more "complete". I'm not talking that "Tears of Steel" is incomplete. I mean the scale. It's inspiring! :)

  • 8-bit

    Ton is a rockstar!


    I would frame it .

  • 3d|slider

    Please ! Is that this text could be translated into English? Because for among us, we dont speak this language. thank you

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