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Drip 2 - Way of the Wa


Art Skiles is recreating his original Commodore Amiga game in the Blender Game Engine.

Art writes:

I wrote the original game "Drip" for the Commodore Amiga back in the mid 80's and wondered if the BGE would allow me to "easily" do a cross-platform sequel. After fiddling with the 2.49b game engine and python in my spare time for the last few years I'm getting dangerously close. You can check out video updates at Youtube on the MrDrip2 channel.

My current plans are to release commercially. I released the original amiga game as charityware, asking that if you liked the game to please donate $5 to your favorite charity. I've also considered Kickstarter. It would be interesting to see if fellow blenderheads think it's Kickstarter worthy and at what goal amount.

The game is built entirely in Blender using 3D scenes. Using Gimp, Inkscape for 2D artwork and Audacity for sound effects/editing under Debian Linux.

No current plans to port to 2.63 but wouldn't be against it if it's not too much of a pain on the python side of things. As always, I'm open to suggestions.


  • shinygoldshoes

    Looks great! Nice work Art!
    It never ceases to amaze me the things people do with Blender!

  • Skepty

    You can ask afalldorf for the port to 2.63, I'm sur he'll be glad to do it!

  • Olaf

    Absolutely fabulous job! Are all the assets made with Blender, or did you re-use some from the older version?

    • MrDrip2

      It's all Blender. Everything redesigned using 3D models. The only thing I reused were some of the sound effects. The level background music are amiga mods converted to wav files.

  • Utopia780

    So 80's.. so Amiga.. so beautiful!

  • Alexandre Bighetti

    I like so much the art and the level art. Congratulations! This game demonstre the power of Game Engine of Blender.

  • Kirill Poltavets

    Wooooow! :) I love it! Just need to add a scanline effect for a full feeling of those games!
    Music is really cool! It's so... Amiga-ish :D

  • S J Bennett

    I remember this game from the Amiga days!

    I'm missing that Dragnet '88 sample though, that was groovy as. Darn legalities.

  • krusty42

    Wow, that´s seriously cool.
    A really cool game, plus it demos that you really can make a commercial grade platform game with Python and Blenders game engine.

  • Philip Witte

    Cool :) Always good to see things made with BGE and Linux

  • pixel

    this would be a good test for the android blender player

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