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Oil Refinery

By albin3010.

albin3010 writes:

full 3d render with blender cycles render and breakdown

music : "Vale of Plenty" by "Hans Zimmer"


  • Mathieu

    Excellent! I like a lot, good job done!!

  • Osman Barralaga
  • Utopia780

    Very well done Albin!
    Very cinematic.. especially the last two scenes.

    Please do a breakdown of all the scenes..


  • FZ

    First, really great animation!
    And the music is just fitting, perfectly!
    The picture got a great scale! Wish I could do that too :)
    There are just missing some explosions, and a helicopter falling down.
    We got a black hawk down ;)

  • FZ

    Ah and could you show us, some longer renders?
    Like the third animation is a little bit short :)

    Keep going

  • standr

    nice work. quick feedback that the barbs on the barbed wire fence were too neatly aligned and spaced and rotated on each wire. that was a bit distracting. real barbs are much more random.

  • MikeMad

    beautiful work. but is it bad that i know that music is from firefly? lol

    • Murgur

      Well, I'd say so because it is from "Black Hawk Down"... ;)

    • trekker

      It made me think of firefly too.

  • Kirill Poltavets

    Excelent! Make it longer and put some guards and vehicles there. That will be fun! )

  • macdiva524

    Very good modeling! However, for more realism I think it needs some atmospeheric effects,

  • filipc

    My recurring problem is : "How do I find it ?" on Blendswap.
    A search for "refinery" gives "oil refinery props".
    "albin" gives only albinos.

  • abcdknocked

    How to download corresponding blend file to play with.

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