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Model: American Diner

A great image AND model download by Jay-Artist.

Jay-Artist writes:

Hi guys!

As promised here’s my American Diner scene I entered for the Blender Guru competition titled “Photorealism”. The scene didn’t win, but was a runner up.

I’ve included a PDF in the zip with details of the scene.

If you’ve any questions or any comments, please chat away.

Everything in the scene is CC-BY as per usual.




  • nohabloinglez

    Awesome scene!

  • Alex

    Nice Wallet!! (^_^)

  • James F Robot

    Ah. One of my favorite era's. Looks just like it. Good. :)

  • Caddboss

    Best touch is the dead fly on the window :D

    • Zoltan Hubert

      Yeah I spoted too. Too funny detail :)
      Thanks for sharing Jay-Artist!

  • Elia

    Pulp Fiction. Nice.

  • Jay-Artist

    It's always an honor to me mentioned on Blender Nation, thanks ;)

  • Air

    Very Good, Too bad the Stemmed Glass with Milkshake has a strong shadow issue and no self shadowing inside its foot.


      ha ha ! Didn't know that glasses had feet ! I thought they have a BASE ! ha ! That's why there is not shadow because there is not such foot ! ha ha ha . BTW: Great composition looks very realistic to me ! Love it !

  • fabio

    good job, I think that the textures are too clean, but looks great

    • Not_You

      why the fhdufik does everyone need everything to be gritty and grimy and nasty? Most restaurants CLEAN stuff (otherwise they get closed). You know, with soap and water. And when things get old, ratty, beaten beyond repair, places usually replace it with something new.

      This is not a post-apocalyptic or war scene. And I encourage less gritty old dead violent stuff, and make more 'new' shiny stuff, like this.
      People should just throw some mud on their monitors (or eyes) and then everything can be gritty 24/7.

      • cdbfoster

        I can't agree more. Too often do I hear that something that should indeed be clean needs to be dirtier.

        However, some subtle details that come along with frequent cleaning could be nice. Maybe some light soap residue on the table visible only in the specular highlights or something.

        • Not_You

          yup, I can agree with that. or light scratches on the plates and silverware. keep it clean, but add ever so slight wear-and-tear.

  • Skepty

    -which one is your wallet?
    -the one that says "Bad Motherfucker"

  • Jodda

    Needs mor camera imperfection. I love it otherwise

  • Jodda

    and you guys are misinterpreting what he means by "dirt" or "grime"

  • ricardo pereira

    the scene is great ... a lot off details... but .. you should have more sampels. ... :D

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