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  • James Grorich

    I can relate to that.

  • alextelford

    Looks cool :)
    To be honest this is the stuff I actually do when I procrastinate haha.

  • Kirill Poltavets

    Ha! :) Usually I procrastinate with FX tests and exploring different mesh modelling addons. I found it useful so it works and switches me for an experience.

  • PixelEuphoria

    Love the story. I think there should be more dirt and grime on and around the cups though.

    • Not_Me

      Is it hard to actually imagine a 3d scene where something is clean? The world isn't 100% grime and filth and grit like 99% of games and renders hint at.

      • looking around

        I think the point to the others is dishes dirty enough INSIDE to support a few plants should also be dirty enough where we can see them. At least the plates, which presumably had food on them, and were never washed.

    • David Stringham

      I kind of like the 'clean' look. Some dirt and smudges might be good, but I think it works.

  • 8-bit

    Looks great! I agree with PixeEuphoria, would be good to see some dirt/grunge on the cups and plates. However, the contrast works too IMO. Thanks for sharing!


    I love it , that is one fine communication .

  • Charles HETIER

    very colorful! great scene, congratulations

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