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Developer Meeting Notes, September 16, 2012

The bug count keeps dropping, and Blender 2.64RC1 is planned for release tomorrow! (Take a look at the 2.64 Release log - a work in progress).

Ton Roosendaal writes:

Hi all,

Here's the notes from today's meeting in #blendercoders:

1) Blender 2.64 release

  • Bug tracker going down steadily now: 235 open! (was about 276 last week).
  • Most of the code work in "Tomato" (used by the Mango open movie team) has now been applied to trunk. Brecht van Lommel is doing a final check on proper merge of Tile render in Cycles.
  • Color management docs.
  • Release log in planning.
  • Sergey Sharybin notes that we need Mingw OpenColor library build. Maybe Antonis Ryakiotakis can help?
  • Sergey also updated Ceres (library used by libmv, motion tracking) which should give some speedup.
  • First release candidate (RC1) build call will happen tomorrow! We're now going to be officially in BCon4 status - highest alert state before release - only essential bug fixes.

2) Other projects

  • Nichols Bishop's Dyntopo is possible for 2.65 or 2.66, it depends on his available time and our planning. Sergey Sharybin is available to help, together they'll check on a 2.65 release.
  • OpenShading project is on target for 2.65 release
  • Alex Kuznetsov will pick up Android work in a month.
  • Jason Wilkins will check with Alex on overlap/todos for his OpenGL compatibility work. He hopes to have the project ready for merge/review mid October.
  • Aleksandr Mokhov (Bevel) & Sergej Reich (Bullet Physics) also confirm to have code merge ready in October. Sergej's current todo.




  • TFS

    and Blender freestyle?

    • Brian Lockett

      You wanna give development a shot? ;)

  • Stefan2142

    When will project Mango be finished?

    • Caleb Jones

      It says on the mango blog next to a Quadbot with a top hat. September 26.

  • Tom SF Haines

    Whilst going through the release log I noticed a convex hull operator - that would actually be quite useful, and yet its hidden under several levels of links.

    • Michael Fox

      space->convex hull

  • mikhail

    one cannot simply read something by Ton without thinking it in his voice

  • jali

    Ton, thanks for the amazing work by you and your team. I saw that the Cycles road map indicates motion blur, sss, hair/fur being developed after 2.64. Can you provide any estimation of when those would features for Cycles is targeted to be incorporated? Much thanks.

  • Philip Witte


    actually, I'm already using it in a separate Blender build and it's already great (minus a few bugs)! :D


    about the color management, i´m confused, about 2 weeks ago i encounter a problem with an alpha texture and the emit light option of the material, all the alpha information instead of being transparent was color burning the textures behind (another object), and the solution was to unthick the color management shader option, my question is, is this a bug or is supose occur with this option?? i read the link of the color management but i´m stil unclear, greetings!

  • Robert Elm

    Go Skin modifier!!!

  • onjoFilms

    Nice improvement on green screen keyer.

  • zumpitu

    Cool.... but... I like to see the OpenCl Compositor !!! what happened, was canceled ?

  • T.E. Mencer

    This is some exciting stuff. I'm excited whenever I see a dev note post! I can't wait to see where Blender goes from here. Every project they do, every month or two, something fantastic is added to this brilliant piece of free software! You folks are fan-freakin-tastic!

  • Brian Lockett

    You guys are awesome, and I wish you all the cake in the world. Thank you kindly, Blender Team.

  • adallafontana

    nice work guys!!! .....the reference view on VSE is a useful stuff and with color balance/curve/mask VSE is 10 steps more up!!

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