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Shufflepuck Cantina - iOS Game Made in Blender

All content in Shufflepuck Cantina was created in Blender.

Jean-Edouard Fages writes:

Shufflepuck Cantina is an iPhone/ iPad game, an hommage to game classic Shufflepuck Cafe by Brøderbund Software in 1988.

Every asset has been created in Blender, textures reworked on a 2D software after 3D painting. The game runs on our own engine, reading data blocks from .blend files.

We decided to organise our production around Blender and it took one year for our 4 man team to craft it.
Blender's awesome set of features came really handy, even for timing sounds, coloring vertices, texture painting...

The game is free with optionnal IAPs, you can get it from iTunes.



  • Kevin Haferkamp


  • Jonathan Lax

    Love the name :D

  • Ben

    Wow! Looks amazing

  • Jean-Edouard Fages

    Some dev shots :)

    • Bart Veldhuizen

      I've added them to the article, thanks!

    • Kirill Poltavets

      Wow, guys! :) This is trendish! :) I hope you'll make some fighting game with icons... Or I don't know how to control fighters on pad devices. As a coincidence I've just made a test task to create steampunk UI.

  • Olivier Amrein

    Very nicely done.
    Any android version planned?

    • Jean-Edouard Fages

      Thank you, we might port it to Android if the iOS version is successful enough.

      • Jamez

        Very nice, love the look of the artwork and Star Wars inspiration. Actually looks like the sort of thing I would play on my Android tablet...hope to see a port! Nice to see this quality of work made with Blender tools.

  • Guest

    Inspired by Mos Eisley Cantina? Even the music was a bit similar.

    • Jean-Edouard Fages

      Glad you noticed ;)

      • Guest

        Great work by the way, I forgot to say.

  • T.E. Mencer

    Ok that is pretty dang fantastic. Nice art and everything looks real fluid. I was hoping it wasn't a proprietary SDK, since I've been wanting to do more iOS stuff (have one iPad game launched, non Blender sadly) and want to use Blender for as much as humanly possible.

    Good work - fantastic and I hope it goes well!

  • Kavorka

    This is an extremely elaborate shuffle puck game, haha. Beautiful really. I would imagine you were using this game to develop your engine and workflow in Blender for future games as well?

    • Jean-Edouard Fages

      Or workflow is quite solid by now, we want to make an impressive techdemo at somepoint not very far in the future ;]

  • Anthony Rosbottom

    It's a very polished and good looking game but I think you've overstepped the line between inspiration and outright copying.

    • Jean-Edouard Fages

      Thank you but I don't agree with you.
      Yes we had to build a recognizable setting with the first assets seen by the player ,so they would find their marks quickly and get immersed in something they already know. We want to appeal to casual players.

      Still our game has nothing to do with the Star Wars universe, it has its own original world, with its own characters and stories, as you may see with how the game progresses.

  • Jessica

    I loved Shufflepuck Cafe! I have an old version of it on a floppy disc. I hope you create an Android version 'cause I would definitely get it.

  • Owen

    List of things members of Blender Nation would want:
    1. Port it to Android
    2. Open source the Blender to mobile conversion engine

  • James F Robot

    This makes me expect Obi Wan Kenobi to come out with his lightsaber at any minute. :) very cool and interesting game.

  • Wesley Blijlevens

    @Jean-Edouard Fages
    It looks nice! Im just curious about one thing, you wrote your own engine did you ever consider to develop your requirements in the existing blender game engine instead of building a new engine?

    • Jean-Edouard Fages

      This is what our coder says;
      100% custom engine is optimal in term of performance and perfectly adapted to our specific needs.. every single line of code is under control.
      We do not embed .blend files we preprocess them in our pipeline tool and export lightweight data)
      on the top of that, it's more challenging for a programming enthusiast (little anecdote: this is a one man job!)

  • pablo

    Excellent aesthetics, excellent everything from A to Z

  • Sinan

    This is very very impressive. From the graphics, GUI, to the overall gameplay. Congratulations.
    That's looks like an awesome custom game engine : )

    • Sinan

      "That looks like.."
      wow, you can't edit posts?

  • Brian Lockett

    That is one well-built iOS game, regardless of whatever software you used, but just the fact you made it using Blender makes it that much sweeter!

  • Aldi

    Such great graphics, animation, and use of camera! You can make great adventure games with that! Here's hopin'... ;)

  • Nick

    Just downloaded this, great game!

  • kip45

    That's a slick looking game, well done. Music/soundfx are great also. I like the lion dude's reaction when he gets scored on, I used to play ping pong against a guy like that :P

  • Chishado

    Wow I've been playing this on my iphone. I didn't know it was made in blender. The game runs smooth, fun, and the graphics is clean.

  • jakchit

    that is so awesome

  • Jono Childs

    wow thats insane ! what Ive always wished i could do

  • CLMiles2

    Absolutely amazing. I downloaded it and spent some money simply because I am very impressed.

  • Ashwin Nandihalli

    amzing. which software did you use for programming for ios ?

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