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TextureAtlas Add-on: Baking Entire Scenes


A nice, add-on for creating light maps of entire scenes.

Paul Geraskin writes:

Hi all!

This is a cool script for baking LightMaps for entire scene. The very vital thing for Game Developers and 3d Artists(which are in game development industry). The script will allow you to unwrap the entire scene and bake it!


  • Grouping of objects to bake/unwrap.
  • AutoUnwrapping of grouped objects.
  • Manual unwrapping of entire scene. Script can make merged object.
  • Non destructive manipulation of grouped objects.

Download the script (0.14v is the last one).

Have fun, and make your game enviroment like Unreal/Unity does!

Example of baked scene of 150 objects:

Some Video Tutorials:


  • Oslaf

    Neat. Now some GI baking, and we're in business.

  • Eric Ducos

    Extremely cool - thank you!

  • Foolish Frost

    Wait, it's joining the meshes, and not keeping them separate? I can do this already if i was to combine the mesh and run the lightmap tool? It's very nice, but it's editing your models as opposed to doing the effect and leaving them as they were.

    • Foolish Frost

      Yup, just checked: The Auto-Unwrap button merges all the meshes when making the UV maps, and makes it all one object. Is there a button to break the objects back apart?

    • Foolish Frost

      Odd, it is keeping track of the meshes with vertex groups. Wonder why it's not parting again automatically?
      All the parts are in there...

      • Paul Geraskin

        just use latest blender revision. And you will get right result.

      • Guest

        or select all hit p>by loose parts, or simply listen to the developer ;)

    • Paul Geraskin

      Please, use latest blender SVN version from here:
      Blender revision must be above 50000r

  • William Thorup

    Prayer answered. Just getting started on a game for android, this is going to make things much quicker. Thank you!

    • Paul Geraskin

      Just don't forget to update your blender with latest svn.

  • Paul Geraskin

    Just my little comment: I forgot to mention that your blender revision should be above 50000 to work with the script. Just download the latest svn build version of blender:

  • Foolish Frost

    Yes, seems the updated version of blender did allow it to work. Out of curiosity, what features were you using that needs 'beta' code to run?

    • Paul Geraskin

      i'm looking into blender 2.64 :)

  • YII7

    awesome stuff here , Thanx a lot !!!

  • Darkel Austen

    This is so cool! Cant wait to try it. Will you develop it to include GI one day soon?

    • Paul Geraskin

      This script makes only texture atlas and unwrapping. If the developers of blender will make GI baking, so it will be. :)

  • Brian Lockett

    Thanks, Paul!

  • Paul Geraskin

    According to many feature requests I added official blender 2.63.0 compatibility. Just download the script again!!!!
    Now you can use it with the official blender 2.63 release!

  • Kirill Poltavets

    Amazing script, Paul! Some day I'll use it!

  • Kavorka

    Are the videos supposed to have sound, cause mine don't. What exactly are the advantages to using this plugin vs what is already available in the baking menu in Blender?

    • Paul Geraskin

      The script makes one Texture Atlas for all objects. In other words the script unwraps entire scene into one UV. This is good for game developers mostly (LightMaps/ShadowMaps).

  • Dron09

    Great Tool it will be!

  • Shamusboy

    Paul, it works a treat. Thank You!

  • traylorpark

    My oh my ... I have been desperate for a plugin like this! Thank you so much!

  • tr00don

    I have been looking for a long time for such a Blender plugin and I would like to thank you for it. Good job!

    However, i find the video tutorials in the online docs almost impossible to follow; to a beginner like me they look almost like random clicking in the Blender GUI. A step-by-step written tutorial would be much more helpful. Would you please consider updating the documentation? The way it is now I cannot use this plugin and I have to keep looking for something else. It's a shame because TextureAtlas seems to have all the features that i need. Thank you.

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