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Rogério Perdiz re-created Asteroids in the public domain game!

Rogério writes:

I've made a fully working/playable game, with most of the features people consider that defines a game, based on the classic Asteroids from Atari. It's entirely made using the logic bricks and it's public domain.

Website were can be played form the web bowser and you can also download the .blend file.

Best regards,



  • john

    Game!!! , just great
    I love play game asteroids.
    Thanks a million

    • Rogério Perdiz

      I thank you! :)

  • Matt


    • jkon

      I thought blenderoids was what I got from sitting in front of blender for too long, far too often.


    That is beautiful , I got 455

    • Rogério Perdiz

      Thanks! Hehe ...the average score is around 1500 points, I've got almost 4000 once :)


        hahahah at first i was at the 400 after 5 mins jajaja i end up with 1315, i guess the average score depends on the population and time playing

  • Chaos

    Excellent! Being in the Public Domain is really appreciated, further with the complete presentation and availability in all platforms with a free compression algorithm! Congratulations!

    • Rogério Perdiz

      Thanks! It's for learning :) BGE is incredibly powerful, most people still hadn't realized how much.

      • richard burns

        its OK at best I'm not hating blender its just there are game engines out there that are light years ahead of blenders game engine.

        • Rogério Perdiz

          I understand you :) Completely understand you in fact... but I also know you aren't seeing the entire picture. They aren't that so much light years away that you may think.
          Big impressive games are just made by a Big Impressive amount of people during a Big Impressive amount of time and each one having a very specific skill.
          So, the only possible way you can say BGE is light years away from any other is making a game on the same conditions then the others.
          For example, if you look for UDK stuff made from one regular Game Joe you see that is also not that much great ;)

  • proton

    Slightly off topic: You use a clouds texture on most of your mats. What for?
    On topic: Great job! Thanks for sharing!

    • Rogério Perdiz

      :) Well seen, has to do with evolution of a project. I've started it long time ago and at that time the cloud texture made sense, I use them allot on everything I do, mostly to humanize objects and break cg aspect but for this game final result it is just something that I neglected (should had removed it, but was there for almost one year and I forgot :P) Hehe doesn't hurt much I guess, afaik bge doesn't even reads procedurals, it would saved file size doe :)
      My pleasure, hope it's useful!

  • onjoFilms

    Oh, great, just when I got more productive by drinking less, you bring back my favorite game of all time! Curse you! Heading there now.

    • onjoFilms

      Oh good, no Mac version. I'm saved.

      • Rogério Perdiz

        XD you can download the "blender-asteroids.blend" and run it on whatever blender runs... and even if you make a runtime and send it to me, I'll add it to the list of runtimes available ;) It's not there yet because I don't know any blender head that uses a Mac.

        • onjoFilms

          Not sure how to make a 'runtime' in Mac. Most threads on the internet are old and outdated.
          The head BlenderHeads at Mango are using Macs. Evidently they work better than Linux.
          I'll keep looking to see how to make a runtime.

          • Rogério Perdiz

            blenderartists member FloridaJo has made a runtime for MAC, It's available at bGame
            I appreciate any feedback about it.


    No suitable plugin were found ! Firefox on Windows 7 :(

    • JeroenM

      The download link for the Burster Plugin is right below the placeholder or whatever you want to call that rectangle.

  • Dane V

    There goes countless hours of my life

  • Anonymous

    Very nice, but in the original game the starship kept moving all the time

    • Bart Veldhuizen

      Yes, I miss the interia too. However, given that you can just open the file and change it, I doubt it would be a lot of work to add this?

      • Rogério Perdiz

        Haven't tested it yet, but adding bullet dynamics to the ship should do the trick :)

      • Rogério Perdiz

        Ok, It's more or less easy :) For the ones that want to give it a try here's how:
        1- Select the ship;
        2- On the first 4 "Keyboard" sensors open the respective 4 "Motion" actuators;
        3- Under the text "Dynamic Object Settings" there is a "Linear Velocity" and "Angular Velocity" attributes, you just need to change that values to match the "Loc" and "Rot" respectively for each key.

        edit: well more or less... requires some play with all the "Dynamic Object settings" values to reach the desire result.

      • Alex Delderfield

        Hey guys, didnt see these comments initially, but check the thread on BA for an edited .blend file - Ive added the inertia and a couple of other things (like the wrap-around effect from the original)

    • Rogério Perdiz

      Thanks! That can be also done :) I've mentioned that I had never played the original, but I actually did on the Atari 2600 when I had 5 years old and searched for it now and as the ship as an initial force it keeps on going :D
      Well we are on 2012 :P now the ships can dock with space stations and land a car on Mars hehe have better and precise handling ;)

  • Kirill Poltavets

    Hi, Rogério!
    Nice looking game! :) But a bit boring. Do you plan to add some power-ups? If you'll nail it, probably you can sell it through Android market.

    • Rogério Perdiz

      It had some in the past, like a power boost for the ship :) I decided to remove it.
      I understand the boring effect :) We old timers have more endurance to it

      • Kirill Poltavets

        not just create some "power boost". You need to explore the market, try different but similar games then you'll find prototypes of upgrades and will create own (better or similar). it's how usually ppl do.
        Think about it.

        • Rogério Perdiz

          :) I understand you comment and thank you for it! It's how everything in life is made I think :D
          ...but, I made this game for fun and relaxation, if I would take it too much serious it would became just one more work you see.

  • arnaud0

    this is freaking awesome! If I find time, i'll look at the guts of the game. Thank you very much Rogério - great job.

    • Rogério Perdiz

      My pleasure :) Sorry for the mess, I'll also try to find time to clean the file and properly rename things to intuitive names... so it becomes more easy to read

  • Rogério Perdiz

    Hey, member AD-Edge made the Momentum/Drifting + wrap-around effect version
    :D Works just like the real deal!
    I've already uploaded it to the web site

    • Bart Veldhuizen

      Community work at its best!

  • nana

    hi..i know this is kind of stupid question...but is this game 3D or 2D?... thankies...

    • rogper

      Hi, sorry didn't noticed this reply until now!
      It's a full 3D game in terms of graphics (works even in anaglyph mode), but uses a 2D game mechanics similar to the
      original game.

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