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"Babioles" Finally on Air !


The insanely cute and loveable Babioles have made it to national French television! Matray

Matray writes:

Hi !

Finally, after more than 3 years of hard working, the tv show 'babioles' is on air on Canal+ France.

Every saturday at 12:30 and a few minutes later on canal+'s website, there will be a new 2 minutes episode. So you can watch the first of the 23 episodes here. [Ed. note: not available in all countries - the 'Les Exclus'  cutouts seem to be internationally available though]

Teaser - Royal Câlin

All the 3D was entirely made with our beloved Blender ! Rendered at Nozon-paris with the internal renderer and composited with Nuke. We did all the animation and 3D track at Autour de Minuit. And for the last 10th episode we've also tracked some of the shots with Blender, thanks to the mango project !

Also on the website there is and will be some 'webisodes', only released on the internet and those are 100% Blender (track, render, compositing) like this one.

So, once again, we'd like to thanks the Blender foundation, Ton, Blenderartist, Blendernation and everyone who worked or helped us on this project ! Blender is definitively a professional tool and can be used as any other 3D package. We had a lot of fun working with it. The only difficult thing was to find professional artists working with it, or willing to learn...

But we did it and it was a great pleasure ! So happy blending and I hope you'll like our show !

Teaser - Câlin humide

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  • Anonymous

    Seems a bit violent to my taste. I don't know if this is for adults or for kids...

    • sozap

      definitly for kids , they love violence...

      • Lorenzo

        By the amount of sex and drugs I see the teasers on the actual website, I highly doubt this is for kids.

        • oofoor

          I guess you've never seen French commercials, they don't shy away from showing nudity.

    • henry reyes camposeco

      canal plus is not for kids, check the series, this type of animation is great for attracting attention and plant a message effectively. nice work, congratulations.

  • Mauro Souza


  • William Leu

    Congrats! The teasers are pretty funny.

  • S J Bennett

    This looks great. :) Very Canal+

  • JnZ

    Congrats! Great work!
    On a side note: I like how canal+ website first plays a commercial only to inform me afterwards that it's not available in my contry :)

    • Ben_Lind

      Indeed. :P

    • Yury Bulka

      Same here. Very unethical from their side.

  • meltingman

    lol verry good lol.. Bravo Babioles
    And definitively not for american country LOL

  • Alan Perry

    Brilliant, glad to see these are finally getting a wider audience, well deserved!

  • Pete

    Thats one lucky rabbity thingy.

  • Julius Tuomisto

    Exciting! Hope you guys manage to get a distribution deal to more countries as well!

  • Norberto

    Muy increíble che ! buenasso

  • Norberto

    Muy increíble che ! buenasso !!
    googletranslator: Very Incredible man !! Sweet assss !!!

    congratulations !

  • Paulius Mscichauskas

    The squeeking is to much, it's getting annoying quite quick. Other then that, good job.

  • gg

    Hi blender's artist. The link above will send to the worlds greates 3d game ever made. imagine flying any airplane from any airport in realtime, if its raining outside it will be the same way in your screen you can talk or battle others on line you can do all right from your living room. all the control you learn from the game are what you would use in real life so you never know, it might save your life. as a mater of fact I believe if anyone master all the planes in this game that person will be more knowledgeable than a pilot only difference is pilots life was in real dander.

  • Michael Angelo

    Simple but "Sophisticated"

  • rodcreation

    i am very happy to see some tv product maded with blender.
    i like since a long time the work of Matray.i remenber the first work i have seen from matray... but i have forget the title. it it is a short with a tank... very simply... very good!!!
    en tout cas : bravo!

  • rodcreation

    Babiolle en compétition l'année prochaine à Annecy dans la catégorie production tv?

    Babiolle in compétion in Annecy next year?

  • Anthony Rosbottom

    Great work! Can't wait to watch them all.

  • tinonetic

    Are there work arounds to see this?

  • petergk

    Mindblender had similar things, I think that was done in maya/mr... are the creators the same?

  • petergk

    Sorry I found that:

    Meindblender -

  • Beorn Leonard

    Congratulations! After so much hard work it must be great to see it on the TV!

  • 8-bit

    Big congrats! I really liked the sneak peek you guys had a while back. Plan on checking these out.

  • André Luan

    Not accessible to my country (Brazil) :/

  • Gabe Blow

    were can i see them if i can't speek French.
    thay look so awasom!!!!!!!!

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