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Model Download: Nanette

By Zero4mike.

Zero4mike writes:

This is my recreation of Nanette from Gnomeo and Juliet. It took me somewhere around 40 hrs to make this shot. She really isn’t a complex model but posing her was a challenge since she was not rigged.

I had to position each and every rose petal by hand because none of the other methods (that I know of) gave me a good randomization. It was exhausting.

Textures were made in GIMP after the base was laid out by Blender’s own texture paint mode. Lighting was the other challenge but a few replies on my WIP thread on BlenderArtists got me through it. In the end I had to use two Render layers one of which acts as a shadow pass in the final composite.

Rendered in Blender Internal – 35 mins.



  • henk

    sexxyyyy (ribbit)

  • snot nose
  • Raph

    Great work !! Nice use of the Blender Internal Renderer

  • MikeV

    Very... um... seductive. :) Nice lighting and vignette. I wonder if rigging it would have saved you time, however.

  • Skepty

    is she french?

    • adam

      british, Gnomeo and Juilet is set in England

    • tim elliot

      She looks like an American Beauty.

      • Skepty

        I thought she was French because it's a frog, and as a French person I usually get called frog or froggy, so that's why. But now that I look at it again, I can tell by her face that's she's not French.

  • HumanBlade

    I like the petals. :( that's about it. excepting the posing on the model itself (spent a long time on rose petals but seemingly very little on the arm/hand that are actually IN focus) even the camera effect is distracting. I'm familiar with the movie+scene that "inspired" this set, and i can see how you were trying to keep the topmost petals in foncus while having bits of your actor also. nearly impossible to have your cake and eat it too, unfortunately. your depth of field plane (or maybe this was all a cockup with post compositing?) is messed up. so much so i'm getting ringing/blurring around things i shouldn't be. What is up with those legs, ffs?
    Also that neck is casting some odd shadows. Lighting could be better as far as the soft vaseline/barbara walters effect in the midground and the hard edge to the shine on the foreleg. it's pretty obvious the model was created in one position and then retrofit to another. obvious b/c it was done poorly. should have designed from pose or rigged.

  • Animaxticoide

    Why 35 minutes render? It does not look that complex. Does it have very high Poly Count?

    • Michael Berhanu

      I rendered it with two passes, both with their own AO, besides I have a slow computer.

  • M Pinarci

    cute cute cute !

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