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Nintendo 8bits

By Trigueiro Jr.


  • Kess

    Back in the day when things were square and two buttons and a steering cross was just enough.

  • Nathaniel

    I though it was real...

  • Guest

    it's a red light, not a green one.

    • Greck

      I can swear that mine was green ^^.

    • Johan 'Anuga' Ekström

      there were acctually two light models, most were green thou.

  • frankie

    adam, you are being petty, its excellent work no matter what color a light is jeez

  • Pete

    Im actually old enough to remember this machine and the joy it gave me. Ecellent work!

  • sarubadooru

    I though it was a picture until I saw the nintendo´s on switch light green. Is red. Great picture

  • Cloud_GL

    The screen is way too round, the power button isn't pressed and the led is red... lol, I'm just being obnoxious, great render!

  • 8-bit

    I see what you did. put some text in the bottow right to trick people into thinking you did this in blender..very clever! nice photo, errrr... render :-) As mentioned already, I agree the tv screen looks a bit too round, but I haven't seen every TV that exist so perhaps this is spot on. Really nice work! Makes me want to lift up that lid and pop in a game!

  • BlackClaw

    Good render!
    Except maybe for the chromatic aberration.
    You know? Photographers spend hundreds of dollars buying better lenses that dont have CA.
    Yet I know a lot of CG artist that add CA

    • Brian Dipierro

      I think it's because renders look far too clean and unrealistic without real world defects like it.

      • BlackClaw

        Maybe. But there is a difference between adding a little of CA to simulate a real photograph, and just adding too much.

    • pkisme

      same with why photographers buy high-end lens to get rig of lens flare yet big hollywood directors love lensflare...

      it's about applying them tastefully and appropiately.

      • Fred

        I would even say:
        Why big hollywood directors buy high end lens to get rid of lens flare, while they ask to add lens flare everywhere in post production .... ^^

        • Fable Fox

          It's called creative control.

        • Kirill Poltavets

          I would say:
          This is idiocracy :D Unfortunately it's infecting a lot of unmature young minds. The same as showing in a lot of films that money let you do almost everything.

    • David Stringham

      And saying that a better lens doesn't have CA is not really accurate. Even a pro lens will have a tiny amount of CA, vignetting, lens flare, and so on.

  • Ronald Lanham Jr

    You know when I first saw I thought it was of PHOTO of your system. Great work.

  • Trigueiro Jr

    Wow, thanks guys, I'm still learning blender and your tips are very welcome. This TV is very similar to what I had with the rounded tube. A friend of mine had a NES, and the light was green (I think). I tried to show my room in the late 80's when I was a video game compatible with NES (Top System, Milmar). My dream was to have an original NES. : D

    • SolarLune

      Yeah, sweet render. Really nice work!

  • Ted Gocek

    One thing missing though, you have the video and sound outputs there but no cords attached ;) Other than that it's a great render, like others have said it looks damn near real. Great job!

    • zaphodbeebs

      The NES had an RF output on the back, which most people used at the time. It could be daisy-chained with a television antenna to piggyback on top of your standard TV signal. So in a lot of cases, the RCA jacks on the side would go unused.

  • mmoore500

    At first I thought, ok, so this guy took a picture of his Nintendo, so what? Then I realized it was a render. Nice.

  • Adam

    Mega Man 2, good choice for the current "active" game

  • Chester

    Awesome models, render, everything.
    I love it. xD
    I love how you got the Duck Hunt/Super Mario Bros. game in there.
    One critique: the cord to the controller is way too short, but I'm sure you didn't want some crazy cord lying all over the floor. :p

  • Kirill Poltavets

    Trigueiro, nice photo! :) Congratulations!
    One thing I've seen that let me thing it's not your real console - no TV pixels! This old TV set must have a grain.

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