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Kid Dances on Roof Top (Camera Tracking)

Ready for a good laugh? All fake, of course ;-)

Blenderfan93 writes:

Just our everyday goofing off..... Video Effects All done with Blender 2.63


  • jin choung

    awesome... though the card looked like it was angled 'downhill' too much and the color correction seemed off. but the camera tracking looked spot on with no slip.

  • .belo!

    hahahah funny, very well done, though the masking or chroma or whatever technique used to cut the subject, it kind of didn´t completly came through

  • rodcreation

    wow... good fake!!!


    He should had fall on the side of the camera ! It would have been more impressive !

  • megamixer

    Verry good fake. Tutorial plz how you did this.

    • john

      Yeah, I am sure everyone want tutorial. me too

      • Utopia780

        At least a good breakdown! Please!

  • Hakk? R?za

    hahahah very good one!

  • Tuuba

    Very good! Thanks for laughter! ;)

  • Al'OST

    From youtube:
    "Shot on the Canon 600D. A short film that I had the chance to film and
    edit over the Christmas break. Editing done in Premiere, VFX done in
    After Effects and Cinema 4D

    There were allot of different
    challeges that I ran into and that I would love to share. If you have
    any questions just let me know and I will get back to you when I can."

    Not a Blender.

    • Bart Veldhuizen

      Where did you see that text then? It's not on this movie's page..

    • Steven

      Where did you read that? I'm the creator of this project and I used Blender, and The Canon 550D. you must have read the wrong description. Thanks Bart for posting this!

  • Ron Proctor

    Blender: Keeping smart kids (relatively) safe since 2012.

  • Kirill Poltavets

    Cool fake! :)) I was flattered by the script! Your mum sounds very natural BTW! :D

    • Steven

      haha thanks! that's my sister btw;)

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