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By Paulo Cristóvão.

Paulo writes:

Hi all.

I finaly finish this short animation developed over the course of 1 year, at home in my spare time with blender 3D.
It's a gag about curiosity... Hope you like it :)



  • fergoblender

    I Love it :D Great Job! I can't wait till I start my 1st short film.

  • Sparkwood and 21

    Lovely style.

  • David Gascueña

    wow, congratulations. Lovely music too.

  • antonir4040

    Where is the Pixar logo? :D

  • kn13htmare

    Very well done. The animation style of the lamp is of the highest quality.

  • m.ardito

    nice! and really funny... just a note: at 4:31 the lamp base is clearly polygonal... could you smooth it a bit more there?

    •óvão/1449795017 Paulo Cristóvão

      You are right. I was under a kind of poly budget and now I'm not planing on revisiting it, I'm thinking on another one... A bit different.

  • pixflo

    Compliments, you made me smile several times and I really liked the character ! And most of all story turns around a human attitude without seeing anyone but protagonists are his products, in the good and the bad of what man produce.
    Very well concepted!

    •óvão/1449795017 Paulo Cristóvão

      I love your insight pixflo . I love hearing about individual interpretations, it means that people are personalizing the animation and that is
      exactly what I was hoping would happen. Thanks for sharing yours!

  • Rogério Perdiz

    One thing I yet would like to say is how cool you used the language. You've succeed to have all written in Portuguese but in a way a worldwide audience can easily understand and follow the story. I've always aspired to achieve that and been failing miserably try after try :) I think I've got it now, thanks!

    •óvão/1449795017 Paulo Cristóvão

      Thank you Rogério!... You are one of my greatest inspirations, one of my Blender teacher's and a dear friend :)
      You can always count on me as I did with you.
      I'm so glad you liked! :)

  •ávio-Lima/100001724260924 Sávio Lima

    Really, really good. The animation is very well done and the character very believable. Congrats from Brasil.

  • andrew

    I love how you got your ideas to work so convincingly. congrats.

  • Alexandre Bighetti

    Good. Congratulations guy. I lke so much of storeteling...demais cara...detonou!

  • antOons

    Wow very good luxor lamp animation you let him thinking.

  • Christoph Pöhler

    Wonderfull short... and it is a real Pixar Movie not by the lampe
    its about the self experiens, the question about who I am whats about me... Like wall-E


    •óvão/1449795017 Paulo Cristóvão

      Thanks for sharing your insight!... Love it :)

  •óvão/1449795017 Paulo Cristóvão

    Thank you all very much! I am truly humbled by all of your comments. I did not anticipate such a response. I read every one of them with absolute respect and they motivated me a lot!... Thanks :)

  • Garry

    Excellent story. Excellent all around.

  • Josemaria RRA

    Muito bom! Parabéns. Também sou português. É fixe teres sido orientado
    pelo Abi Feijó! Este ano vou ser orientado pelo Pedro Serrazina, na
    Escola das Artes da UCP do Porto. Também vou fazer tudo com freeware.

    Very good! Congratulations. I'm also Portuguese. It's cool that you were supervised by Abi Feijó! This year I'm going to be supervised by Pedro Serrazina, in the School of Arts of UCP in Oporto. I'm also going to do everything with freeware.

    •óvão/1449795017 Paulo Cristóvão

      Obrigado! O Abi é fabuloso, aprendi tudo o que pude dele.
      Também devo alguma coisa (quase tudo) ao "The Animator's Survival Kit" do Sr. Richard Williams :)
      O Pedro Serrazina também é um excelente realizador, estás muito bem entregue. Desejo-te boa sorte.
      Translation: Thz! Abi Feijó is an awesome Portuguese animator and director and I had lucky to have him as a teacher but I also depended on "The Animator's Survival Kit" from the master Richard Williams :)
      Pedro Serrazina is also a great Portuguese animator so I think you'll be fine and I wish you all the luck.

  • Al'OST

    Cooool!!! I laughed very much!) :D

  •óvão/1449795017 Paulo Cristóvão

    Thank you very much! :)

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