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Tutorial: Mastering Lighting

In this videotutorial, Blender Guru Andrew Price focuses on lighting techniques.

Andrew Price writes:

I created the tutorial in an attempt to demystify the topic of lighting and break it down into easy to understand concepts.

I use examples of historical paintings to show how light and shadow were used to tell stories centuries ago, then demonstrate those same techniques using blender to show how those same rules apply today.

By the end of it you should feel more confident in creating lighting setups. Hope you like it :)



  • stevenshearing

    A but late, this was uploaded a few days ago.

    • PxR

      There are many people that may have missed as well as those who do not know blenderguru. Blendernation is also useful for this.

      • Ron Proctor

        Yes, indeed. Calm down a bit. BN operates on a shoestring budget and they do the best they can.

      • stevenshearing

        I never said not to post it, i just said its late ;)

        • Bart Veldhuizen

          Next time you'll be sure to submit the news to us immediately of course instead of just sitting on it ;-)

          • stevenshearing

            if you could explain how I do that ill be more then happy to submit news ;)

          • PxR

            "Contact" button on the menu bar o "Contribute">"Submit news".

          • stevenshearing

            ah I see it thanks ;)

    • chromemonkey

      it was labor day weekend, things over the weekend will naturally show up on Tuesday just for that reason alone.

  • Ludovic_L

    Thanks for sharing. I'll check it now. Should be interesting.

  • Oslaf

    Awesome drapery and bowl, but boy am I looking forward to cycles SSS.

  • looch

    Really a great tutorial, this the type of tutorials that the ones of us, that didnt attend art school, should be looking at all day.

  • sharlybg

    thanks andrew for this again ! I remenber that I've got my first job by learning blender by blenderguru tutorial ! God bless you.

  • Kirill Poltavets

    Nice tut. I was interested most about implied lighting technique. Very good tips!


    Excellent Tutorial, clear, concise and useful. I am not a big fan of cycles just yet but the overall explanation is suitable for Blender Internal as well. 39 minutes well invested watching this Tutorial.

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