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By Malefic.Max.

Malefic.Max writes:

This work is 3d-remake of Keith Tompson's "Scribe" work. Comments are welcomed.



  • Edgar Wakka

    Looks awesome ) And this man also have best blender tutorials on russian language!

  • Maxim Tkachenko

    Wow, thank you for posting me here! :)
    But here is a lot of things to do, and i am tired of this one)

  • Kirill Poltavets

    I thought it's finished and was surprised when comparing to the original :D Max, your challenge is cool! Remaking something that was drawn by hand is a pretty though task I think.


    That's very interesting and very professional ! Extremely talented guy. Congratulations !

  • M Pinarci

    Fantastic piece , I'd only wish that wall, all the way in the back was bit darker .

  • MxD

    Wow, very well done ! Blender at its peak ! Better than in my dreams. I certainly like it more than the original. But you really do want some honest comments ? The head and the hat are a bit too flat in my opinion. Some more shadows should make it more 3D. And there is a bit too much difference between the color of both arms (the arm in the dark is "a bit" too gray to my taste. And the weight of the composition is a bit to much on the left side. When the model is looking to the left, then it's better to place him a bit more on the right side, that's better for the balance of the piece of art. (9.5/10)

    • Maxim Tkachenko

      Thank You for commenting ) All things you mentioned are the light problems, I agree with that (

  • IamInnocent

    Oh yeah ! :)

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