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Cycles Dispersion Glass Shader


A great looking glass setup for Cycles.

Harry Collis writes:

This glass shader is based on Kirado's technique to simulate dispersion in cycles. I wanted to make a version that could be applied to different coloured glass. The NodeGroup uses Agus's absorption glass shader. This makes my shader much more realistic than the original Glass BSDF.
There are other NodeGroups included like a car paint shader using TheFull9Yards's (Conner Addison) technique (I have changed it so you can pick what colour it is),
Agus's wire frame NodeGroup and My own checker board Version and a Agus's fake SSS material (slightly modified).
I hope the NodeGroups are relatively easy to understand

these shaders only works if your version/build of blender has the raylength node.



  • Kirill Poltavets

    Cool share! Thank you! Dispersion looks nice! :)

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