Blender Add-on ‘BreakPoint 2.0′ Released

A new tool for Blender Python development.

Christopher Barrett writes:

Good Spirit Graphics has released an update to the ‘BreakPoint’ ‘addon’ for the software package ‘Blender.’ This tool now has the ability to print your variable values out to a formatted log file. This feature let’s you save your ‘BreakPoint’ output, which can make debugging your scripts much easier.


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  • Slepacus Miticus

    interesting, but good only if blender doesn’t crash

    • Campbell Barton

      hrm, blender is ok, but only if your operating system doesn’t crash.
      … ok ok, we are back fixing bugs again :)

      • Bart Veldhuizen

        My operating system is ok as long as the electricity grid doesn’t crash!

        • Sparkwood and 21

          My electricity doesn’t crash as long as I pay my electricity bill!

          • PxR

            My wallet crash every time I pay my electricity bill

          • Gottfried Hofmann

            So that’s what’s making blender crash – empty wallets!

          • Bardes

            Well, that’s making everything crash those days….

  • Bassam Kurdali

    Looks quite handy! I’ll give this a try thanks :)