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Developer Meeting Notes, September 2, 2012

Development updates!
Thomas Dinges writes:

Here's the notes of today's meeting in, #blendercoders:

1) Upcoming Blender 2.64 release status

  • Bug tracker at 308 open bugs, fixes welcome.
  • Sergey will finish up Open Color IO work and merge to trunk this week. He will also provide documentation.
  • Brecht will report back on Monday on merging Cycles work from Tomato/Mango to trunk. Target is to have it done within a week, so we can move on to bcon4.

2) Current projects

  • Thomas Dinges worked on Open Shading Language API changes, Cycles can now be compiled with OSL 1.2. More work is needed to fix the shaders and get it up and running smoothly. Lukas Tönne and Dalai Felinto offered help. Documentation on how to compile the OSL libs can be found here.
  • Meeting likes to hear from Nicholas Bishop and his plans for DynTopo this month.

3) Google Summer of Code

  • Brecht sent a mail to bf-commiters with plans on branch merges.
  • Students can also report back and plan with mentors on merge and further steps. No merge will happen in September, so time can be spend on fixing merge stoppers and do reviews.

That's it, thanks!



  • bashi

    thx for the great work.
    The Tomato Branch currently is not compilable on osx:

    • Sergey

      Fixed in SVN. But this issue only occurs when OCIO is disabled, so you'll need to check your configuration to use all the new stuff from tomato.

  • Pete

    What the.... bugs still at 300?

    • aaaarhaaar

      more bleeding edge features - more bugs :)

      the company I work in does pay a LOT of money to adobe for their software. One can do nice things with this software, but guess what - it is full of bugs too. Me thinks this is just normal with any complex pile of code.

      • Pete

        What i dont get is the down votes. Seriously whats up with that?

        • PhysicsGuy

          I think the downvotes are because there is a lot of complaining about the number of bugs after dev-meeting notes are posted.

          • Pete

            I think chromemonkey is right. Well I quess some people have odd hobbies.

        • chromemonkey

          I'm pretty sure it's a form of drive-by trolling.

    • PhysicsGuy

      Please note, that these include lots of bugs like "Color pickers don't close properly when moving the mouse away", "Fluid simulation, building of wave amplitude over time". These are things that might be annoying, but they are not a showstopper and really have only a very limited effect on your work flow. The bugs also include things like "Mirror-Y also flips Z axis" which is very serious and mysterious and things like "Crash redrawing viewport while rendering animation". So just the number 308 doesn't really say much for such a complex piece of software

  • traylorpark

    Looks like it's 64bit only. Great..

    • traylorpark

      oops, wrong post ... sorry!

  • Kevin

    Can we please have a more in-depth bug tracker rapport than "Bug tracker at 308 open bugs"?
    Like: -How many buggs was fixed since the last Develop Meeting- etc.

    • Fable Fox

      Visit the bug tracker page. I think you can filter things out, including date range and bugs type (Closed). You can have your answers there.

      • Dave H

        You can also help out with some of them even if you're not a coder. Finding a "bug" that is user error, pointing out duplicate reports, confirming bugs on another OS or build, and using less or different steps to reproduce it can all help. Just keep it short and on-topic; if what you have to say won't help resolve it quickly then don't post it, but if it will help, please do.

  • Kirill Poltavets

    Dear Developers! You should stop explaining "why" things in the bug tracker because this eats your time and powers. Send all "wiki-type" questioners to BlenderArtists forum. There they'll get all help I'm sure.
    I know that you're very generous people but I'm also sure this must have a limit.

  • Kirill Poltavets

    Congratulations with OSL for Cycles! This will make Blender more flexible and popular.

  • AMD/ATI looser

    What are the prospects of getting Cycles working on AMD cards ?
    Blender developers still believe that they are gods in programming and AMD is a zoo of stupid monkeys who can not make a working driver?

    • Stef Adam

      Cycles sorta works with AMD GPU's, but alot of features are missing due to restrictions that AMD imposes on how OpenCL needs to be compiled. AMD's integration of OpenCL in their Catalyst driver isn't that good either. Blender devs are doing what they can, but if AMD doesn't fix their driver and support, they won't get very far.

    • Clemens

      AMD is not a ZOO of monkeys but like other ROI-oriented big companies they are not overly enthusiastic to spend resources on features only demanded by a small group of customers. They have other problems to solve like driver incompatibilities. I also hope that my AMD graphic card will be eventually supported by cycles and I'm certain the blender developers (who are indeed gods and blender is the most devine piece of software ever created) do the best they can. Until then stop whining and use CPU mode to render in cycles.

    • TFS

      please go to bottom of class, what a superfuous comment, come back in afew years when your older

      couldn't be arsed with the spellign, and grammer mistakes, your post don't derserve it. capiche

  • Philip Witte

    Dyntopo is amazing!

  • PrinterKiller

    I see at the GSoC mail that there is no word about the

    Modeling Tools: Bevel, Bridge, Boolean of Sushi branch.
    What's going on with that?