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The Butcher

By Sergio Cajazeiras.

Sergio writes:

The Butcher

Inspired by the character Butcher, game Diablo.
All making in Blender3D Modeling, sculpt, UV,  textures and render.


  • Petr Utinek


  • Petr Utinek


  • Petr Utinek

    very well done Sergio

  • kABHIr

    that is so awesome. can you please put up a making of it?

  • Saladino Lopes

    Gnarly Dude.

  • amcam

    Nice but the forearm seems short and a bit thin around the biceps.

  • MacLeod

    Awesome work, Sergio

  • T.E. Mencer

    Wow this is great! I think the only thing I'd have to say is the tusks just seem ... weird. Looks more like pointy cigars than something that's part of his face.

    But other than that, it all looks fantastic and gruesome .. I love it!

    • Garry

      I was just thinking how he would eat. I guess he eats porridge for breakfast :-)
      Nice model!

      • T.E. Mencer

        HAH nice ... honestly, I always have this pet-peeve about creature who can not actually live. How do they eat, move, breath, etc ... I could never achieve anything like Sergio, however. So he can put cigar tusks where ever he wants!

  • Marco Franco

    Very cool, man!
    Muito legal!

  • Trent Frost

    That is really creepy.

  • Sergio Cajazeiras

    Very thanks for all :)

  • Robert Elm

    Aaawwwe... He's so cute with is lil chains and hooks...

  • Monster

    Looks cool!

    The left hand is to much "default pose". It is a relaxing pose. This makes the hand pose not fitting the remaining parts of the body..

  • Chris H.

    This actually looks like something that would be in Diablo, rather than those cartoons of Diablo 3.

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