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  • Petr Utinek


  • Petr Utinek


  • Petr Utinek

    very well done Sergio

  • kABHIr

    that is so awesome. can you please put up a making of it?

  • Saladino Lopes

    Gnarly Dude.

  • amcam

    Nice but the forearm seems short and a bit thin around the biceps.

  • MacLeod

    Awesome work, Sergio

  • T.E. Mencer

    Wow this is great! I think the only thing I’d have to say is the tusks just seem … weird. Looks more like pointy cigars than something that’s part of his face.

    But other than that, it all looks fantastic and gruesome .. I love it!

    • Garry

      I was just thinking how he would eat. I guess he eats porridge for breakfast :-)
      Nice model!

      • T.E. Mencer

        HAH nice … honestly, I always have this pet-peeve about creature who can not actually live. How do they eat, move, breath, etc … I could never achieve anything like Sergio, however. So he can put cigar tusks where ever he wants!

  • Marco Franco

    Very cool, man!
    Muito legal!

  • Trent Frost

    That is really creepy.

  • Sergio Cajazeiras

    Very thanks for all :)

  • Robert Elm

    Aaawwwe… He’s so cute with is lil chains and hooks…

  • Monster

    Looks cool!

    The left hand is to much “default pose”. It is a relaxing pose. This makes the hand pose not fitting the remaining parts of the body..

  • Chris H.

    This actually looks like something that would be in Diablo, rather than those cartoons of Diablo 3.