Suzanne Animation Festival Submissions

It’s time to submit your animation work for this year’s Suzanne Animation Festival!

Ton Roosendaal writes:

“De Balie” has a real cinema with excellent projection facilities. We will collect submissions this year to assemble a great 90 minute Short Film festival, which will run friday evening.

Submitting work has started now, deadline October 1st 2012.

The Suzanne Festival has its own website where you can submit your work. They write:

The Blender Conference Animation Festival shows short films and visualizations reflecting the best creative work done with Blender in the past year. We invite film makers, artists, animators, designers or scientists to submit their work.

So blow us away! :)


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  • Moose

    Is this strictly animation only? Or would a live action with heavy effects and green screen also be allowed?

  • snot nose

    when i post something it’s not complete clear if it got submitted or not.
    it says ooh ooh ooh! what does it mean ooh ooh ooh? success?

  • Andrew Enyart

    @993dbf289fb4da88bf64f5d970ed1765:disqus it’s an inside joke. In the first versions of Blender, when you add the monkey, it would report “ooh ooh ooh”. So yes, this means success.