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Developer Meeting Notes, August 26, 2012

OpenCL is still causing headaches..

Thomas Dinges writes:

Hi all,

Here's the notes of today's meeting in, #blendercoders:

1) Upcoming Blender 2.64 release status

  • Sergey Sharybin and Campbell Barton will work on the bug tracker when they are back home, after Mango project finished. (Tracker is still above 300 open bugs)
  • Campbell mentions B-Mesh improvements he worked on last week: customdata interpolation failed in some cases, new edges were not selected (causing glitches), bridge faces were not selected, and added option to bridge/merge with factor slider - user request.
  • Campbell also added a despeckle node this week, can remove some artifacts from images.
  • Sergey added back DNxHD codec support in Blender via FFMPEG, testing welcome.
  • Remaining features from Tomato branch (Color management, Cycles features) can probably be merged soon.
  • Beginning of September we move on to BCon4 then, bugfixes only. :)
  • Ton Roosendaal reports on Cycles/ OpenCL: Compiling cycles kernel for OpenCL is problematic still, and uncertain if it would work for any of Nvidia, AMD or Intel gfx. Currently, Nvidia opencl compiles reasonable OK. Intel is checking on it. AMD compiles fail (takes > 24 GB mem to compile)

2) Current projects

  • Thomas Dinges committed a brick texture to the tomato branch for testing, but still needs to be reviewed before it could go to trunk.

3) Google Summer of Code

  • GSoC 2012 is over, Google will release results on who passed etc. this week.

That's all for today, thanks!


  • Ganesha Adiguna

    Thank you for all your hardwork, blender dev team :)

  • NWhisper

    Thank you!!! Blender is the best 3d-software...

    • Bart Veldhuizen
      • RNS

        I was thing the same thing.gush some people really go off the topic.

      • chromemonkey

        thank you. Blender is an adequate collection of files and utilities.

      • chromemonkey

        Okay which three yahoos went and downvoted Bart's comment? Sheesh.

        • chromemonkey

          Probably the same three that upvoted the original.

    • neutral_Fanboy

      you should've said "my favourite 3d-Software" instead. saying it is the best is overgeneralizing others opinions and probably not every persons point of view

  • RNS

    Bugs fixing is important.

  • Rok

    hope AMD fix their opencl driver soon. is that petition still up? ;)

  • PxR

    Hope dynamic topology will be approved, verified and merged soon. It's a great feature for sculpting.

    • Robert Elm

      Right there with you, this and the B-sphere feature that Nick Bishop has been working on are on my dream list. Will make my life a lot easier and I'm sure they will attract a lot more users then keep them since it allows for a much more intuitive workflow.

    • Philip Witte

      +1 Dyntopo looks amazing and it's progress has been steady. Many Thanks to Nicolas Bishop and the all the Blender contributors.

  • Ludovic_L

    Thanks to Ton and all the Devs, who are working so hard to make Blender into a more awesome software. I've just started with sculpting with a proper model. Really awesome and the B-Mesh shows all its potential in that small project for me.

  • Sendercorp

    Fantastic work guys thanks a million .

  • pixflo

    thanks for your job guys , we're with you

  • FengL0ng

    no news on reactor particles for ages :/
    support the guys from the candy-branch! Virtual displacement will be a huge improvement.

    voronoi fracture is sooo amazing btw :D
    every single time im impressed how fast development proceeds.

  • stevenshearing

    So whats happening with the Particle Nodes ?, it got funding and I don't think i have seen it yet.

  • Brian Lockett

    Take your time. It's better to fix the small stuff first. In any case, thank you all, very much!

  • Nabil Stendardo

    "having ~300 bugs in the tracker week after week" is not a valid metric of anything. It's bug TURNOVER that is important. It is better to have, say 300 fixed bugs and 300 new ones rather than 5 fixed and 5 new. We would need more detailed statistics about bugs, rather than just "it's stable at 300". How many new bugs, how many are fixed, invalid, distribution of age of bugs, etc.

  • John

    Great !! Are they going building Blender for Android Tablet.
    I want to building Blender for Android Tablet. But How?
    I love it !!!
    Thanks Blender Dev

    • Noname

      Get an old HP Touchpad, install Ubuntu and then Blender, TA-DA! Or just wait for Windows 8 tablets. UI will be a problem though. A lot of missing mouse buttons!

  • MarekB

    Why cycles didn't took hybrid way? GPU could calculate only ray-mesh intersections (i.e. using LuxRays) and all other calculations could be made by CPU. This way:
    1. Kernel would be much simpler, so it would compile on all gpus
    2. There would be no problems in integration with other libraries (like OpenColor)
    3. Final renderings (which now are processed by CPU) would be much faster, because they would use GPU too.

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