[violence] Mission Of Crisis

A cool game intro by congcong009.

congcong009 writes:

I’m happy to release my new animation for our studio’s new game: mission of crisis. The game is a strategy game and you will control soldiers to kill all incoming zombies.

Hope you enjoy it! Here’s the WIP thread link

I have only two weeks to finish this, so most of the assets are downloaded from Blend Swap.


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  • Anonymous

    Lol, by looking at the promo video I was expecting a completely different gameplay.

  • B

    Agreed the promo video promises something completely different than what the actually game is.

    • tinonetic

      It’s not uncommon with strategy games.

      • Chaos

        but in this case it is “too much” 3D-like style. That gets the spectator confused.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1341243153 Sampo Pelto

    i want play that game!! :D

  • http://www.facebook.com/frostbyte555 Trent Frost

    What I want to know is how the heck did you make the trail of air compressions behind the bullets?
    Fantastic job by the way. Your detail is incredible.

    • d

      It looks like they modeled a cylinder with ribs and gave it a transparent material with a ridiculously high Index Of Refraction.

      • Chaos


  • MP

    WiLD …LUVIT !

  • 8-bit

    Done in 2 wks? 2 words to say to that. Mad Skillz!

  • http://www.facebook.com/saladino.lopes Saladino Lopes

    I’m more of a cat person myself…

  • http://PolyKhromeGames.blogspot.com/ Brian Lockett

    The characters in this game remind me of the Star Fox crew, except only with zombies among them! (And that’s no complaint there!) Nice animation!

  • David Stringham

    Pretty nice cinematic. I see a few textures that still need work, but otherwise it’s a good job.

  • YoungApprentice

    Typo :/ You have ‘Misteal’. Is that supposed to be ‘Mystical’? Also, The text is quite hard to read. Other than that excellent work! From a Blender-only perspective, you have done an amazing job. Kudos.

  • fmoritz

    God damn cats, most especially Siamese!

    My roommate’s cat knocked over the cage to one of my pets and killed it!

    I think I’ll give this game a whirl and in some strange way get my justice!


  • Lttlemoi

    after the awesome intro, I expected some Call of Duty-like first person shooter and definitely NOT a 2.5D strategy game.

  • http://profiles.google.com/ack0954 Anders Kirchenbauer

    Point of a Gatling gun is to fire one bullet from a barrel and turn to another barrel to allow it to cool off. So only one barrel should actually have a trail and it should have many bullets in a fast succession. Asides from that I like the detail in the characters, but I don’t think you get to see them for long enough. It seems more like you’re concentrating time on the exit wounds which seem boring compared to the design of the canines.