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Improving Blender Renders with Photography Techniques

Learn how to apply classic photography techniques to improve your Blender work with this videotutorial by Blender Cookie

Tiago Nunes writes:

This Blender tutorial covers simple notions photographers always consider while taking pictures of their subject, but which are often overlooked when rendering 3D scenes. By using these notions and techniques you can dramatically improve your Blender renders by making smarter choices when considering focal length, depth of field, and post production.

We will cover the the effect focal length has on your subject matter and how you can use it to emphasize a specific effect. Next we are going to look at how depth of field can alter the assumed scale of a subject. Finally we will take a quick look at why post processing is almost always encouraged to achieve optimal results.



  • Err0L

    LOL, poor Sintel looks very distressed :P. Good video tutorial though :).

  • BlenderAddict

    Useless article :

    • Utopia780

      You are at the wrong place.
      This Blender is a 3D software, not a kitchen device.

      • Utopia780

        Great tutorial by the way!
        More like this are very welcome.

    • Underseer

      Useless Comment :

  • Akiara Dolls

    excelent tutorial for image makers... thank you..will start to practice ^_^

  • Jarl Arntzen

    Nitpicking: "...the the affect focal length..." should be "... the effect focal length..."

    • Bart Veldhuizen


      • ArrowheadVenom

        Um, there are still two "the"s.

        • Not_Me

          It's a quote, not a blendernation typo. when quoting, you leave stuff as-is. whether there is a typo or false fact.

          • Underseer

            Yes, but aren't grammar trolls adorable?

  • Zander Nicolic

    Useful and skillfully presented. Only if you are rather deep in photography already you may not enjoy it.

  • Skupper

    Thank you! These are tips that are very well timed for me!

  • Eric Kloeckner

    The "one raised eyebrow" facial expression is so overused in modern CGI and 2D animation. It is not natural or original to have characters do it that often

    • Underseer

      Utterly Irrelevant comment. This isn't about Sintel, this isn't about facial rigging, the model is being used simply to demonstrate camera techniques.

  • Lawrence D’Oliveiro

    “Focal length” really only has meaning with respect to a particular
    film/sensor size. With film cameras you have 35mm film as the most
    common format, but with digital cameras the sensor size is typically
    smaller, which means the focal lengths need to be scaled down
    correspondingly to achieve the same effect.

    A more technology-neutral way of measuring the same thing would be
    field of view. This is measured as an angle in degrees, which relates
    directly to the geometry of the perspective transformation, and is
    independent of film/sensor size. You’ll notice Blender lets you specify
    things either way.

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