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Blooming Rose

By Josh.

Josh writes:

Hey guys, This is an animation of a rose blooming I made in blender. It was rendered in Cycles at 100 passes per frame (about 2 minutes). The total render time was around 8 hours.

The whole animation was driven by a lattice modifier and shape keys. After I finished modelling the rose I added a lattice modifier over it all. I then added a couple shapekeys to the lattice so that one was a half closed rose and the other was the full bloom. After adding a few key frames to the shapekeys the animation was complete. The stem also used a shapekey as well. At first I was just going to do a still render of the rose, but then decided it would nice to have a little bit of movement going on.


  • Eric Ducos

    Love the texture and subtle movement of the petals and parts of the stem. Really good job I think.

  • Spockless

    It's simple and beautiful :)

  • Trent Frost

    Dang, that is a looong time.

  • wasa

    Definitely not accurately animated but the rest looks very good. :D

  • Talha Lodhi

    awesome video :D , plz make tutorial on how to model the leaves, ive been having trouble with it :(

    • Josh

      I'll try to get around to it. Kinda bogged down with projects at the moment though.

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