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BlenderCourse Basics V2, a free 120 pages e-book

BlenderCourse have updated their extensive free Blender e-book for beginners.

Bas van Dijk writes: has released BlenderCourse Basics V2, a free PDF e-book which teaches you the basics of Blender 3D. More than 120 pages offer you a step-by-step guide through subjects like the Blender 3D interface, meshes, light, textures, animation and tips & tricks.

BlenderCourse Basics V2 is available in PDF format on


  • Ari

    Thank you very much! :) Hopefully after I read this, I'll finally be able to migrate from the 2.49 to current version.

    • Talha Lodhi


  • filipc

    This is work by an educated person.

  • Pete


  • Bas

    If you have any questions regarding the book do not hesitate to send me an e-mail :)

  • Rickyx

    Really useful:
    I'll write to you for sure if I will use it on my courses.

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