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Model: Miki

By kaisaki1342.

kaisaki1342 writes:

Miki is a 3d Anime Style Model my fourth of this kind.
This is a 3d model based on another person character design. This character design is not mine but the model is created by me. I included the texture in the file.

Miki is a fully rigged and posable character , which is still rough and lacking in some stuffs. I include some simple shapekeys for the face. The face rig is based on an old tuto from Youtube. I hope you will find the character useful. If not please do not crucify me ;-)



  • Brian Lockett

    I hope to see more cel-shaded and other stylized models in BlendSwap, and just produced with Blender and shared in general. I like the non-photorealistic/stylized works as much as the more photorealistic work--if not, a little more, personally.

    • Karla Mirazol Maranan

      Me too :)

    • TROLL

      MAEK IT MOAR REAL!!!!!!

  • Kirill Poltavets

    Kawaii! :) Cute model, thanks for sharing!

    • Karla Mirazol Maranan

      You're Welcome :) - glad you like it.

  • Pete

    I like this style. Cel shading makes models more cartoonish.

  • Saladino Lopes

    I've been looking for a model to test out some new freestyle render techniques I've just learnt. Thanks.

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