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Craniofacial Prosthesis with InVesalius and Blender

Cicero Moraes uses 3D CT-Scan data and Blender to model a medical prosthesis.

Cicero writes:

Our Blender is a tool for artists, maybe not for scientists. But, it is possible create prosthesis with a help of other free software like InVesalius, that convert CT-scan files to 3D mesh. I studied this possibility for a client using Boolean, Remesh and other modifiers.

The result is this time lapse video.

We can imagine this working not only to prosthesis, but for reconstruction of ancient broken objects in archeological field, for example. First modelled virtually, after printed in 3D and put on the real model.


  • Wahooney

    I saw this when Ton tweeted about it yesterday. Really, really cool! But was it eventually realised as an actual prosthesis or is this a proof of concept of the workflow?

    • YoKrankie

      Yes it did, how do I know? It was for me! :) just kidding! Looks really cool, although I didn't understand every part of the process.

    • Cícero Moraes

      Hi Wahooney! This will be used to make a STL file to print it in 3D. I made this video to show some people interested that it is possible.


    Its all good but ..ugh ..what is up with the music ?

  • Topper Dillon

    great job!

  • Dalai Felinto

    Cícero, great work man :) Congrats man.

  • thunder11

    This looks awesome! Being in the medical field, I definitely want to try this out. However, I don't exactly have CT image sequences to import into InVersalius. Is there any place to download open source ct sequences? I know they have a sample file with InVersalius but wanted to try importing on my own

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