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Change HIV story - campaign video

By Miklós Falvay.

Miklós Falvay writes:

Almost a year ago I posted here my camera mapping scenes created for the documentary Motalko. It was great to read your comments and congratulations, thank you for everyone.

This summer I was asked by the Canadian agency called FCV for a collaboration. I made a short sequence with the same technique which was inserted into their “Change HIV story” campaign video.

Background information

To begin the end of HIV, all each of us needs to do is step up and get tested -- changing history is that simple. To learn more, visit

Change Hivstory and are both sponsored and supported by Vancouver Coastal Health and Providence Health Care.



  • Josan

    Hi. My english is very limited, sorry.

    Is there totoriales to these techniques in Blender?

    • lzymxn

      Andrew Price has a basic camera mapping tutorial on Blender GurU

  • Jarl Arntzen

    Is that the voice of DX:HR's Adam Jensen? Nice spot btw. A little "slow" maybe but hey, I learned something new about HIV!

  • Sorbus

    Great motion graphics and a laudable cause. Well done!

  • Delfeld

    Nice technique, seems appropriate for the content. Very nice!
    Glad to see this campaign exists, too.

    Not to be too critical -- since you probably had only a little to do with this -- but it seemed like it was going to end numerous times. This could be a 1 minute, or even 30 second, video. I don't know where there could be a market for a 3 minute PSA, but if there is, you should imply and hold to a single story arc. I thought it was going to talk about testing, then it starts talking about treatment, then it starts talking about treatment being *different*, which had already been clearly noted.

    If your part was the graphics, then that was really well done. Your work looks professional and ready for public viewing.

  • comeinandburn

    well done!

  • Alan Perry

    Great job! I still get amazed at anyone creating this sort of stuff in Blender. I still only use it for 3d stuff since I'm so used to After Effects, but it's great to be reminded that Blender can handle it too.

    • miklos falvay

      Hi, yes Blender can handle it but actually I've made the opening sequence with the black and white photographs and the last scene with the people looking into the camera only. The motion design part is created by the talented artists of FCV, and I think they used After Effects.

  • Kirill Poltavets

    HIV healing is a big industry... I lot of crap around this unseen "virus"! AIDS exists and is not equal to HIV. Or to say another words: AIDS has nothing real with HIV - the meaning of what it's "inventor" has told himself one day.

    • Ivan

      Link to the scientific research that shows this or be known as a troll.

  • Lampros Liontos


    For those "cutout photograph" shots, I'd love to see a howto; it seems so simple, but I can't help but wonder: How did you get the people extracted from the background without them showing up in the background with the FOV change?

    • miklos falvay

      I've prepared the images and cleaned the backgrounds in Photoshop. And I had to done it with the covered body parts as well. Mostly I used the clone tool but sometimes I pasted image parts from other photograps. I can tell you this was the hardest part of this job. : )

      • Lampros Liontos

        Well, hat's off, that was excellent work!

  • Sumazure

    very well done treatment.

    Wanted to ask: how did you do the blending of callouts into the white shape (2:27 to 2:30)
    Is it the callouts as a shape key or with layer blending?

    Nice work. The last camera mapped images look very nice..

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