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  • Jarl Arntzen

    Hey. Kooool. Can you actually transform the model from car to robot as well?

    • Daniel Holst

      You should read the description
      "I’m working on the transformation at this time, I hope to be able to submit it very soon."

      • fiend

        You should also read the time posted. Jarl posted 3hrs ago. Fathom, 2hrs ago. Whom do you think posted first?

        You should read the description
        "I’m working on the transformation at this time, I hope to be able to submit it very soon."

        • oofoor

          Who cares?

  • fathom45

    I'm actually working on it. À preview is on line on YouTube

    • James

      Very nice work! Complicated stuff! Issue that I see: The front tires go through objects to go to the back.

  • tkm

    What a coincidence. Am working on one myself using Blender. Planning a short. Came across some good walk through. Maybe it will help:

  • Bruno Cornelsen

    Really cool! Now make some dirt and bullet marks and scratches and stuff :)

  • Adrian Ferguson

    Wow, that is really just beautiful

  • skent

    amateur hour. Next time try not to use such a derivative design with so many blatant cheats. There are an infinite amount of ways to re-arrange car parts into a robotic form. Why does every cg wannabe's transformer have to be yet another variant on Bumblebee?

    • Macro

      I think it looks great!
      skent, if your work is a even better then it would be great to see. I hope you submit something soon.

    • roofoo

      Do you have something better to show or are you just an armchair critic?

    • Ran13

      I could understand this critique if it was the artists 3rd or 4th attempt, but it makes sense to work with a known or familiar design on your first attempt to work out technical issues with the workflow.

      Of course, you were about to post links to your groundbreaking designs as examples, weren't you? Right?

  • K3

    Great modeling! But what is it with people always doing Bumblebee/camaro or look-a-likes? Make your very own, that is much more interesting.

  • Kirill Poltavets

    Hi, Nicolas!
    Your robot looks fantastic but... 4 billions polys!!! It's a huge overkill. It may stuck your render for a serious short movie. Usually ppl make optimizations to leave all visible curvature and all creasing loops in places while removing all memory waste loops (unnecessary for any purpose). It's usually should done after applying Subsurfs. But I think you know what I'm talking about...

    • guy

      4 million

      • Kirill Poltavets

        OK, I was wrong in +1 degree :) Sorry for that. But my point was not this error of my tired mind.