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Blender fire testing + .blend files

Three good looking fire scenes - a result from MiikaH's Summer of Code Smoke project.

MiikaH writes:

Now that Google Summer of Code 2012 is almost over it's time for heavy testing and final improvements of my Blender smoke project.

This week I have been experimenting with different fire simulation and render setups to find out new ways to improve simulation quality. While testing out new code I also prepared three fire scenes for download so you can start playing with fire too without having to do days worth of experiments. :p



  • Steve Cameron

    Oooo thats hot stuff. ;) Really impressive

  • endi

    burning cube, burning sphere... i this feature usable only for cube and sphere?

    • Picklejones

      It is not just for cubes and spheres! It can also be used on the suzanne primitive...

    • Chuckie

      Actually, I'm pretty sure it can be used on any type of mesh

  • John Green

    That is very awesome! Great work!! This may be a dumb question since I haven't been following your project all that closely, Any idea when it may get merged into the trunk?

  • Ruben Sebastian Decilia

    very emotional

  • blazer003

    Great work! Looks really good, especially the two latter examples. I'm hoping for future development of the fire and smoke sim to better handle the small stuff. Candles, and wispy smoke and the like. Maybe you're working on that, but there just aren't examples here. But even if you're not these are great looking improvements!

  • roofoo

    Why does the burning sphere look all blocky?

    • Julian

      I think it's because the smoke is based on voxel data (and voxels are pretty blocky).

      • onjoFilms

        Yes, I agree. This is seen with fluids as well. I wonder if like in AP's tut on fluids, you can increase the size of the sphere to hide that.

        • Karlis Stigis

          Well, you don't want to hide it, because fire has to be outside of the object.

    • Angelo Tartanian

      looks like it has a remesh modifier applied to it

      • Karlis Stigis

        But is that really so? Because I know that fluids have this same problem..

  • Brian Lockett

    Is it from MiikaH? Say no more.

    [Writer proceeds to hit the star rating button.]

  • exedesign

    Wow great and hot. I love blender

  • Pete


    • Pete

      Cant tmake the files work any suggestions?

      • AkoaKS

        Open the fire using the GSoC 2012 Fried Chicken Branch r49779 or later. Got to Frame 1 and Press "Alt"+"A". You should see it start to glow.

  • Ömercan Yazici

    Well done! I'm really interested. Where did you start to add the code?
    I want to add some features to blender some day (not now, I'm too busy) too, but really don't know where to start. Of course I'm already familar with the architecture and have read all the wiki entries :D

  • Anoki

    Hi, if i render the demo files there is only a grey sphere ....
    What are the settings to render this correct and what blender version is needed.

    Thanks !

  • ryanjohnsond

    That looks really good.

  • Ice

    Definitely like the start-off ignition for the smaller sphere.
    Can't wait to see any more progress with this.

  • John

    Amazing.... i like the second one... but how i could do a loop animation with this effect? There are some tutorial or technique around in the internet?

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