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Model: Raspberries


By Guismo.

Guismo writes:

Raspberries study in cycles using the array modifier. The first layers are the instances. The first of the second group are the flattened objects (cycles would not accept the hair or the array modifier). The last layers are the controllers and the original meshes. The hair uses a shrink wrap over the array. The environment is a procedural in the file, but you should use a free hdr for better results. In the image, I used the free topanga forest, from the sIBL Archive.



  • Paul Thomas

    Excellent rendering. I think the lighting too works very well.

  • amosdudley

    A very good rendering, although raspberries are really quite a bit redder than that : Could be fixed so easily in photoshop though.

    • lexi

      I can confirm that from real life experience - actually today i grabbed some of them growing trough the fence alongside my gardens pathway - they even grow their roots under and trough the path. The other garden is at the moment unoccupied with the cost of have to unroot growing Stinging nettles at the same place. If mellow they are really dark at that color i would say give them about one or two sunny days to get them really mellow so they can be easily unmountet or you break, squeeze or at best have the stem still on them. Personally it don't like the taste of them but know one who likes them.

  • Snev


  • Anurag Rana

    What will be really outstanding, that blender be run on the raspberry pi (which runs linux) - 25$ computer, and this rendered - that will benefit both blender and raspberry communities !

  • Drcrazy Thecheet

    Dang can I have some?

  • Toto

    Could have easily entered the Photorealistic contest held by BlenderGuru!

  • Lyle Walsh

    one of the most beautiful things about raspberries is the subsurface surface scattering and translucency. They would be great to add to your render

    • Alexander Weide

      why is Someone crying for Subsurface Scattering?Cycles got Subsurfaces
      Scattering included -> Translucence is the same visibile effect like
      Subsurface Scattering.

      • fred

        no there not. with sub surface scattering light enters a subject bounce about and emerges at another point. with translucence there is no scattering at all. all you get is light going through material been progressively more absorbed. Lots of people have been doing 'skin' based on this translucence model and it just looks terrible it doesn't even come close to BI subsurface scattering at all.

  • Caddboss

    Yummy... :D

  • sewtrol

    nice render., model and everything :-D

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