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Eat Sheep - iOS Game Built with Blender and Unity 3D


CG Cookie have created a free iOS game using Blender and Unity 3D. It looks awesome and it's great fun!

CG Cookie writes:

We are proud to announce that our Eat Sheep game is now available for free on the iOS iPad app store!

Eat Sheep is a top down, puzzle game for iOS mobile devices. Your goal in the game is to navigate the level, eating the incoming sheep before they can reach the barn by controlling your monster. The game has been built completely by CG Cookie.

This iOS game was built almost exclusively with volunteer time over the last year via CG Cookie. All of the 3D assets and animations were built with Blender. We used Unity 3D for the game engine, which played great with Blender.

You can find out more on the game, read about the team, download free 3D assets from the game, and more on

Download the game free for your iPad here.

Eat Sheep Trailer


  • matchmoverchick

    got an android version? Cool people don't always use Mac products :-)

    • Greg Zaal

      ahh I thought I'd be the first one to ask that! Looks like a cool game

      • skupper

        My question too! :D

    • nathan

      They are working on iphone and android versions :)

      • Guest

        yeah, they said on the website "We sure hope so.. We are limited to the initial release to iOS first and
        if the game does well then we will be looking to release it certainly
        on Android."

        Soo the iphone guys have to download it, and then we'll get an android version ;)

    • Chris

      I am sure that is only a matter of time. It takes a large amount of work to produce stuff like this.

    • Guest

      they gotta add the android buddy as a character to the android version ;)

    • ArrowheadVenom

      Um, iPhones, iPods, and iPads are not Mac products. Just to clarify.

  • Sendercorp

    I want one

  • comeinandburn

    great work! congrats to the Blendercookie team:)

  • Julian

    Don't let PETA see this or they'll release another angry flash game ;)
    Really looking forward to the iPhone version, the game looks awesome!
    (also, thanks a lot for making the game free, I really hope that you guys get some money through in-app purchases).

  • Jessy Catterwaul

    Unity is not called Unity 3D.

    • Brian Lockett

      Unity is sometimes referred to as "Unity 3D" (and also "Unity Engine") to make clear that we're talking about the game engine. This is something that even Unity Technology (the developers of Unity) even use sometimes, just to make clear we're talking Unity 3D. If you just Google "Unity," you'll get a wide range of other services and products called "Unity." Officially, it is just "Unity" but "Unity 3D" is acceptable, but naturally, it's just a matter of preference and perhaps habit. It's the same thing with Blender and how we sometimes call it "Blender 3D," to not get Blender magazine or blenders from retailers from our searches. ^_^

      • Rodrigo Guimaraes

        Wow. That's really impressive design look. can't wait to download on my ipad to play with it.
        In regards to Unity 3D. Do you guys think it would be easier to create a interactive book using Unity then using the standard toos that have no GUI? I mean the Core or UIView..
        Congratulations one more time guys.

  • Brian Lockett

    Congrats, Team Cookie. :) And thanks for the tutorials.

  • Mathew Michel

    That is pretty sweet! I love the design for the eating "protagonist"

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