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Developer Meeting Notes, August 12, 2012

The bugcount still doesn't want to go down, but a new testbuild is available for download. Also, next week is the last week of the Google Summer of Code and we have 2 videos of projects.

Thomas Dinges writes:

Hi everyone,

Here's the notes from today's meeting in #blendercoders.

1) Blender 2.64 progress

2) Current projects

  • Ton will write a report about Blender at Siggraph.
  • Campbell Barton mentions: Data files had to be manually converted into C files (using Now this is done automatically at build time so you can modify files in "release/datafiles/" (splash, fonts, icons etc.) and simply rebuild.
  • Sergey Sharybin worked on Sequencer improvements last week:
    • Improved caching so now tweaking settings of a single strip wouldn't free the whole cache
    • Made effects and color balance multithreaded
    • Added masking for adjustment effect, docs on this will follow.
    • Split view support

3) Google summer of code

  • Pencil down is next week (20. August), 24. August is final evaluation. So time to wrap up, polish and document the work you have done.
  • The end of GSoC does not mean the work can go into Blender trunk right away. The code should be reviewed by the mentor and the core devs first. Ask your mentor if you have questions related to that.
  • Sergej Reich published another progress video on Bullet integration.


  • jay

    Hopefully Jorge Rodriguez work will make it into the main blender code, the usability changes really are useful

    • assumptionsoup

      Agreed, especially that preference separation. That really tripped me up when I starting picking Blender up last month.

      • Reaction

        I've been using Blender for years, and I still get caught out by clicking 'Save As Default' while I've got a project open!

  • Shank

    I wish openCL work in cycle

    • chromemonkey

      Old news.

  • rnsierra

    yes, blender need to change,but not to resemble Maya in anyway... I love the 3dviewwer tools setup !!!

  • rnsierra

    Add more to effects filters to node.

    • chromemonkey

      I had a new idea today, though I realize it could be a pain to implement and would have to be a back-burner project.

      We have dupli-vertex and dupli-face, and I can see where being able to do duplis by material as well could be a timesaver. Using a mesh with multiple materials, each material could act as in index. These indices could each be assigned a unique proxy object to project as a dupli. Splitting the emitter mesh into multiple objects works to a point, and the point where it falls apart is when the mesh needs to be a single closed subsurfed mesh, detached faces won't keep the shape under those conditions. This kind of material-indexed projection could be a great timesaver.

  • Blendiac

    I want...EVERYTHING from Jorge's project...

    (I'd also love to know how the hive BGE integration and Android port are coming along...)

  • Karlis Stigis

    I just love that Bullet integration in Blender! Although this is only test build, I have been using it often in my work. At last I will not have to use that crappy game engine workaround.. it's totally another world there. And of course force fields ar AWESOME!

  • Karlis Stigis

    I must say Jorge Rodriguez have done a good job too, this really could help a LOT.

  • Aussie Einstien

    Bullet integration looks awesome Sergej. Keep up the good work!!!! :)

  • jin choung

    ohmygod!!! jorge rodriguez's work is STUNNING! small little things that will make a HUUUUUGE difference... especially for new users. great great work.

  • Nabil Stendardo

    Over 280 bugs corrected since 2.63. There might be that many bugs in the tracker, but at least it seems that there is a lot of turnover. Good job devs.

  • onjoFilms

    Great work guys.

  • filipc

    Red, Green, Blue.
    I can keep on repeating that,
    Or I can have a look at the axis down left.
    Could the 3D manipulator not carry the letters x, y and z for beginners ?

  • Peter

    Those new movement controls look like a gosend...

  • Zsolt S.

    Yes! Very nice work on both these GSoC projects, great results to see forward to!
    I can't believe Blender hasn't implemented these simple user interface improvements in years of development. Like saving the default preferences SEPERATE from saving the default scene.

  • graphixgeek

    REALLY feeling Jorge's work...despite what he stated, I hope everything except putting the "delete option" on the workspace menu (he's retrospect, it would be TOO easy to accidentally delete a workspace) makes it into trunk.

  • William87137

    That are some awesome improvements in the interface! Has there been any news about the viewport FX GSOC part?

  • Reaction

    I wish alpha values in .png image textures would be respected when rendering with Cycles (rather than alpha showing as black). After all the fantastic work on Cycles this seems a bit dumb, and makes it impossible to easily 'decal' a logo onto a product.

  • Patrik Andersson

    Very nice manipulator tool I like it! Could it be developed so you can move the manipulator tool after wanted vertices are selected, and by that move the pivot-point for the transformation? Even better with a snapping option as well :)

  • Knowles2

    Nice to see some work done on Blender UI, still there a lot more area which could be improved. May be the Blender foundation should hire Jorge Rodriguez full time to work on Blender UI.

  • Kirill Poltavets

    Jorge and Sergej had did great jobs!!! I was especially amazed by that "time machine" effect in Bullet Integration! It's like you're controlling space&time in Blender :) I just wish this thing can be separated to several "time groups" thus will give artists additional fx-abilities (and probably additional bugs).

  • Fred

    I keep hitting bugs. I would way rather see fixes then new functionality. Of course Blender is awesome and the devs are amazing!

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