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Alex Delderfield in Designer Spotlight at Shapeways

Our very own AD-Edge (who used to write for BlenderNation) is featured on the Shapeways homepage this week with his Minecraft models. He talks about the history of his project and how they went viral.

My favorite quote:

How did you learn how to design in 3D?

Mostly self taught, but I have to credit a lot of it to the community which surrounds Blender. Without the community there wouldn't be the amount of support, documentation and tutorials there are these days. Especially now with the more serious sites that have popped up, focusing on providing high quality tutorials.



  • Enetheru

    nice one alex :)

  • Jack


  • JB
    • Bart Veldhuizen

      Oops! Fixed it, thanks.

  • Philippe M. "MeshWeaver"

    Saw this on Twitter when he tweeted it, but still, pretty awesome stuff! Nice one, Alex! :D

  • Alex Delderfield (ADEdge)

    Thanks everyone for the comments!
    Was quite exciting to see a spotlight/designer article posted on Shapeways about myself and my work(s) :)

  • Steve Cameron

    Is there no copyright attached to Minecraft figures, or are your figures just based on the minecraft style?

  • Lee Salvemini

    Adelaide representing! haha definitely need to do more with shapeways, the Blender logo i got made just to test it all out was epic =D

    • Alex Delderfield

      Haha I'd like to see that sometime Lee. Send one Ton's way, see if hed want to start selling them though the blender shop ;)

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