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Videotutorial: Model a single nut with Blender

By Blender360.

Blender360 writes:

In this video I show a simple way to make a nut or a screw head. With just a few modifications. The advantage of this method is that we can control the Number, of vertices that are desired. In this example, edges are subdivided into two but can be 3, 4, or more, and so achieves a higher quality finish.



  • mookie

    Nice skin, I really like the whole color scheme.

  • Jose Garcia

    Thank you very much to publicize my video. Next I'll put a nice background music. Since I do not speak English: (

    The skin is the hexagon theme

    Greetings and thanks for your comments

  • g

    I understand making something yourself, but when modelling something with many different nuts/bolts/screws I prefer just to use BoltFactory and forget about the geometry (I think it uses Triangles)

    • Jose Garcia

      The geometry is very heavy and many resources are wasted on something that is not as visible as when making the UV map. are a headache.

  • vi

    Just use bolt factory plugin.

    • erickblender

      It is really heavy a lot geometry for nothing

    • Jose Garcia

      The plugin is very good. But when you have to do with desenas an armored vehicle parts. The least you want is to waste Menorca with these heavy bolts and nuts. I made a tank and more than half of the file were the nuts and bolts and it could hardly move.

      Model is preferable to use the brute force of this tool

    • JP

      Exactly. It's easy to delete parts of the nut or bolt you don't want.

      If they want to waste time making a bolt or nut from scratch, by all means. We aren't stopping them. lol

  • Kirill Poltavets

    Not bad, thanks for this video!
    Just two things I must note - the vertical edges must have middle loopcuts to break those tiny triangles to quads. This will be right thing to do. Another (minor) thing is that here can be used Mirror and Array modifier to boost the process. In many similar cases it can save a lot of time.
    P.S. First I thought it will be about some eatable nut :D

    • Jose Garcia

      If it can be used if the texture is not where they are way too complex. Because otherwise it is not possible because you would break the realimos with the same screws. If a combat vehicle, they must be the color of camouflage and have the soot that never fails.

      If in this case try to save as many vertices, without compromising the geometry. Remember that these are small items and if not zooms details are lost in the final image.

      • Kirill Poltavets

        Of course all depends on a relative size. I've told about "macro shooting". And yo, it was just about the topology first in my head :)

  • Saif Mohamd

    What's the theme ? :)

  • Zero Clips

    The advantage of this method is that we can control the Number, of vertices that are desired.

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