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Espresso Cup

Edouard Gautier created this espresso cup in Blender.

e5dy writes:

The ceramic 3D printing interested me since a long time and this summer I've decided to pass the gap. I use Blender since 4 years and experienced the 3D printing during a contest (where I won the 2th place) sponsored by last year.

In this model, I was looking for see the constrains of details and thickness. I've used the great miikah's dynamic painting in wave to create a lot of variations in scale of details.

Send it to Shapeways and 3 weeks later, voilà, I know more on constraints :)

My next model is all ready on way to be print, I'll give you news when I receive it ;)

By the way, you can take a look at my shop at Shapeways -
new models are coming soon ;)



  • Alain

    How mutch did it cost ?

    • onjoFilms

      I looked at doing a full size mug and the cost would be $55.

      • e5dy

        actually it's the price I paid for this cup, with VAT and shipping

  • Steve Cameron

    Awsome. I did a bit of 3D printing when studying Prodcut Design. Really love your cup design, and I hope you enjoy your espressos more now that your own cup. :)

  • pixflo

    really nice print but really useless design! at the end of the movie you see two hands are needed to put it down and the coffe then goes down by tha cup..

    • e5dy

      not really needs two hands, but I've burned myself with too hot coffee so...

  • roofoo

    This guy needs to study ergonomics. :P

  • Animaxticoide

    It looks interesting, however I have a question: The cup's handle was designed like that? or 3D printing can't handle a loop?

    • e5dy

      Of course 3D printing can handle a loop.
      But I've done this model to see constraints of details with ceramic 3D print, not to be ergonomic ;)

      The handle was in bevel to see where it is trimming

  • Kirill Poltavets

    Shapeways is great! :) I hope someday we'll be able to get packages in Russia without problems.
    But this cup... Actually I can make something similar by hands because it's not some really complex design :)
    My step-sister has a small business and she can bake ceramics.
    My real interest is to get tiny plastic and metal details to make complex assemblies.

    • e5dy

      the advantage on traditional ceramics, the time, only 3 weeks from scrap

  • Oscar Vergara

    First of all nice cup, I love blender and ceramics printing, I've done some mugs myself, all done in blender, some with a little sculptris after, and others full blender, it's been great and I plan on doing some more.
    I did the first one as a present for my mother, who is a real ceramist (you know the ones that do things with their hands as opposed to me that I paint with rubber pointed pens, lol) as a test to see how good they would be printed, you can see them here the lizard one has real pictures of the printed mug.
    They only draw back is the glazing, the model has great detail, as you can see in the renders, but the glazing tends to cover it up, I know is my lack of proper knowledge of the medium, and I'll have to do further tests with it, but it's quite promising technology.
    Anyhow, I just wanted to share with a fellow virtual blender-ceramist my own tests, I hope you don't see it as me spamming or trying to steal the spotlight.
    Yours seems to have finer detail, seeing that it can be done pushes me to test some more, so thanks for sharing.

    • e5dy

      I've already seen your works and you've inspired me, so thank you ;)

      • Oscar Vergara

        Thanks, I think it's a truly great experience being able to do something with blender and then having it in your own hands and even better if you can enjoy your morning coffe with it. Hope to see more desings from you, your shop has reallly neat cups.

  • meltingman

    the Mr cat expresso is so nice :-)
    and some other are very good and usable .
    I want a coffee now lol

  • Zander Nicolic

    The choice of old-fashion-like finish looks good to me, but the handle is definitely unfitted for human hands. Also, that irregular ridge causes liquid to spill out when drinking, as is apparent from the video.
    All in all a design good from an artistical standpoint, but not so from an ergonomic one. Common problem today.

  • Drcrazy Thecheet

    listening to metal while playing the part where the coffee pours into the cup, for some reason they mix very well. ><

  • ak

    nice cup, but where is crema in your espresso? ;-)

  • Philmaker

    Wow, that's some pretty realistic fluid simulation. :D

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