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Photorealism Competition Results

Andrew Price announces the winner of the BlenderGuru Photorealism contest. This image, by Bruno Borgiani, is one of the runners up.

Andrew Price writes:

At the start of June I posed a challenge: Create a photorealistic image using Blender.

270 entries later and the results are truly astounding! The blender community really pulled through with some amazing entries.

Check out all the entries here.


  • Jens Axelsson

    Error 404 - Page not found!

  • Paul J Mason

    The results of this contest have made me sooooooo insecure of my abilities.

  • gener

    the winner is so great.,
    i can't believe that it was a 3d graphics at all

  • Brian Lockett

    I'm not surprised that the one who won did win (I won't spoil it, for those who want to scroll down the list to the winner). It was a good choice of winner for that competition. And congrats to all those who even just completed something and entered the competition at all--it's not easy to finish something good for a contest!

  • Gertjan v d Broek

    Hold a second, I need to pick up my jaw. It just fractured off while I scrolled down the entries

  • Pete

    Pretty cool, but some of the pics were not even near photorealistic i think. Those who were looked very good.

  • lexi

    To match images in one page. Are you all on high fibre cable or what? No surprise that the blender builds are still not 7zipped better i would get the builds by passing by and get them on a thumb drive. Well not really but close to.

  • tinonetic

    I hope the artists submit them to the Blender gallery.

    Out of topic: The page is very heavy on bandwidth. Images on it totalling 12,8 MB. It is conventional to create thumbnails and load dynamically(full sizes) when needed.

    • tinonetic

      ok, I guess it does load dynamically. my internet's as fast as a snail!

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