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Videotutorial: Modeling a Toilet Bowl

Learn how to make a golden toilet bowl in this tutorial by weeliano!


  • John

    This is pretty cool but I was really hoping to see it flush.

  • Rembrandt

    That's a shitty subject for a tutorial! haha couldn't resist. Looks GOOD!:D

  • roofoo

    Blendernation is going down the toilet... :P

  • irishsober

    does it flush?

  • jzbosco

    The Golden BlenderJohn - you know if you modeled this in 3dsMax you would have to model a plunger to go with it...

    Hmm, so what happens if you flush a cherry bomb?

  • Pete

    Actually modeling a toilet is good practice.

    • Paul J Mason

      I love modelling simple objects and rendering them as best as I can. Not only very good practice, but makes good minimalist art.

    • roofoo

      You could make a target practice toilet game and use it for potty training!

  • Hairyback

    Anyone else notice the guys name?

  • weeliano

    Wow! Thanks Bart for featuring my tutorial on Blender Nation! Haha and thanks for the Wee and Shitty jokes!

  • Duchamp

    Starting all over again? I mean the debates :)

  • Paul Murphy

    I don't have time for this shit :P ....Sorry...I'll do it later.

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