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  • Drcrazy Thecheet

    This look like pretty Technical watches, good job btw.

  • T.E. Mencer

    For some reason the movie "The Island" comes to mind. Even though I don't think they had anything like this in that film ..

    Looks good, is what I'm trying to ultimately say.

  • anima4ti9koi0de

    Pretty cool but the upper half seems to be made of a very shiny material, the lower half looks like a dull plastic. May be you needed another specular light on the lower half? Or may be you used an environment map which didn't turn out to be right?

    • Exile

      I'm pretty sure its from the white ground being reflected onto the watch that gives it that feeling, but I do agree that it looks off.

    • Daniel Looney

      If he gave the floor a bit of texture, just something subtle, it probably wouldn't look that way.

  • PeachCrackerYacker

    Keep_It_Random is a really cool guy! He's an awesome CGI artist :D He's even gave me a gift~

    I was sooo happy!