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Developer Meeting Notes, July 29, 2012

Even though the bug count goes down very slowly, it looks like we'll have a 2.64 test build next week (just in time for SIGGRAPH)!

Ton Roosendaal writes:

Hi all,

Here's the notes from today's meeting in #blendercoders.

1) Blender 2.64 progress

  • Bugs open total 290, it only goes down slowly (because 5-10 new ones come in every day).
  • Testbuild proposal; publish one next week sunday. We will need a Windows version too for Siggraph demos.
  • Reminder: we stick to BCon3 (fixes only) until end of August, only some Mango targets might get added (like for color management).

2) Other projects

  • Peter Schlaile published a new keyer node "inpaint". This will get tested in the Tomato branch.

  • Peter confirmed to be available for Sequencer code reviews (like for basic grade tools).

3) Google summer of Code

  • Alex Kuznetsov will make a wiki page with the Android GE player download and status. There's a lot of interest for this at Siggraph. We like to get it demo'ed with usable content as well.

ADDED NOTE: don't forget there are two main events in a week!

  • Siggraph starts, 5 days conference in Los Angeles, Blender Foundation presents at the tradeshow too.
  • The Blender Network initiative will be launched! It's specifically aimed at offering a public directory of freelancers/companies who can do software services and integration. This is crucial for Blender's next big leap... if we want more professional users we have to build support systems for them.




  • Ludovic_L

    I know that the whole team is really working hard. I do think that with 2.63 we have already a great program. Its my personal opinion, but even if we have a to wait for 1 or 2 month for a next release that's not a problem. Maybe staying on 2.64 and really removing nearly all the bugs and having really a stable version, that would be really great.

    You guys are just making a great job. All the best for what's coming.

    PS. I personal demand. It might not be for the next few months but it would be grate if the BGE could have a good upgrade.

    • anon

      one of the GSOC projects for the game engine has dropped out

      • Ludovic_L

        Oh that's a bad news. But either way I'm starting to learn it seriously. My main problem now is that there's really not much documentation for it for blender 2.6. I have some documentation for 2.49 and mostly found tutorials for that version mostly. To add to my problem I'm really a noob to Python and reconcile example I have for 2.49 to make them work for 2.6, that's not gonna be easy.

        • Daniel_O

          I'm way interested in learning more about the BGE as well. I'm going to hold out until Sept 26th for the upcoming book, "Mastering Blender Game Engine" to come out. Your right about the BGE needing more attention. Maybe next year, instead of a blender movie project, they'll do a blender game project!

          • totterfree

            I agree as well! In fact, I would even propose that instead of trying to having this busy group of guys working on it, get a separate team for exclusive game engine work. Maybe even have a seperate version of blender for games only. That way, maybe it'd get more attention.

          • Ludovic_L

            Thanks for the tip. I'm not sure if I can offer me that book for now but we'll see, and I'll wait for comments on it or any critics.

            It would be grate if an update could be made to blender wiki on that part of blender.

            I'll try to manage with what I have for now and ask help from the forum.

  • TFS

    get 2.64 out and then make 2.65 the Big Bug Fix release, with Tomato branch being included

  • onjoFilms

    Many thanks to the developers. Blender has been a great hobby for me for years. Great product at a great price!

  • cmo

    I wish we could get an option to stop Blender from recalculating normals. I'm in a very large game community that is choosing Milkshape over Blender for this reason only.
    Anyway, Blender is awesome, the developers are awesome, and I can't wait for the next release.

    • beta-tester

      hello cmo,
      do you have some sample MilkShape 3D models with animation, joints and some complex vertex weights?
      i am still polishing my MilkShape-addon for Blender 2.63 - but i am not a MilkShape user, so i don't have good .ms3d test files.

      • cmo

        I'm not a Milkshape user either. I'm the "Blender Guy" in The Sims 3 community, writing addons for modding the game. I can get you those models though. Contact me on blenderartists: so we don't spam this thread (sorry, Bart).

    • ablenderfan

      agree. As i remember the recalculation normal (problem) is part of a nurbana project which is intentionally postponed :*( I just want give one more vote here for tweaking normal tools ^^

      and if there are any Goldmedals for opensurce developers, then there is just one developer team deserve them all atm: the awesome Blender squad :)

  • sendercorp

    Yes , Well, GOODLUCK with the Siggraph . Wish the best .

  • Asedefecio

    Can we just get an "Substract shader"?

  • rnsierra

    Take your time developers.

  • Ömercan Yazici

    Really like The Blender Network. It is a great opportunity for Blender! Looking forward.

  • Emerson

    Boys, take your time, and once again, a big thank you.

  • msav

    Anybody know if Pete's keying node can be added to previous versions of Blender 2.6?

  • M.Sav.

    anybody know if Peter's image keyer node is available as a patch for previous versions of Blender?

  • Rhavon

    I'm glad they are taking time to address bugs rather than rush it out.

    One thing I would love to see would be a working compositor in netrender (doesn't work at the moment).

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